Turn On Your Butt With Kick-Ass Kettlebell Moves

By Sean Escaravage

Why Your Butt is Worth More Than Just Looking Good

Your butt, glutes, cheeks, fanny, buns, tooshie, badonkadonk, or whatever else you want to call it has big shoes to fill when it comes to strengthening and optimizing the body. The four primary benefits of strengthening your glutes are;

  1. Improving your Posture
  2. Preventing Injury and Pain (many different areas)
  3. Increased Strength, Power, and Athletic Prowess
  4. Looking Sexier, a.k.a. Improved Physique

As a coach, many of my students at Orca Empire spend a much of time sitting during their lives, and you might too. Sitting to commute in, sitting a huge majority of the day, sitting to commute out, and sitting down at the end of the day to relax. All of that sitting is silent torture to your glutes and hips unless you counteract it with activating, moving, and strengthening those areas of the body that are lying dormant throughout the day.

Turn Your Butt On

In one of my previous articles, #ButtStuff: What'ss the Deal With Your Gluteal Muscles, I cover what muscles are involved and how they are involved in nearly all of your daily movements both inside or outside of the gym.

Aside from squats, deadlifts, and Jane Fonda's, your Gluteus Maximus is one of the most integral parts of the body to strengthen. Your Gmax makes up nearly 13% of the entire muscle mass of your lower body, so do yourself a favor and use it! Proper training can be achieved in different ways to integrate the whole body for efficient and effective training sessions.

Whether you are Running, Jumping, Bending, Squatting, Hinging, Thrusting (hey hey now), Stepping, Lunging, or Climbing Stairs, a Mountain, or a Ladder, the muscles in your hips and torso have the capacity to move tens of thousands of those movements over the course of your lifespan without pain or injury. It is when there is an imbalance, overuse, or blaring dysfunction that causes the body to wear down quicker than intended. At this point in your life, most commonly it is a combination of some weakness and imbalance, and that can absolutely be restored with proper coaching and exercise prescription, not some medication from the doctor or 21-day fix.

Meet the Kettlebell

The kettlebell is one of my favorite tools because of its versatility. But today, we are talking about your butt so I won't dive into what other opportunities it can offer your body.

If you are interested to learn more about how the kettlebell will make you strong, sexy, and supple, you can read here in my article, From Russia to the U.S.; Welcome to Kettlebell Training...

Or, if you want to dive right into moving and grooving, here is an excerpt from my article 3 Essential Fitness Tools to Fuel Your Adventurous Lifestyle. Here is an excerpt from the segment detailing how the Kettlebell made my Top 3;

"Kettlebell training has tons of benefits and can be scaled for someone just training for the first time, the elite athlete, or anywhere in between. They develop power, explosiveness, & coordination when doing movements such as a kettlebell swing, clean, snatch, or even throws. Most notably, they strengthen your posterior chain like none other. Those are your hamstrings, glutes, lower and mid back muscles (helping avoid low back injuries and create a bulletproof spine)."

At this point, I bet you are eager to get started, sweaty and strong by slinging around your Kettlebell. Below I will share a few video links that hold great content for Glute Growing Goodness (along with some other great movements, feel free to try those as well). If you need further coaching or want to learn what else the Kettlebell has to offer, you can come take on the Orca Empire Experience for One Month FREE.

So without any further delay, happy training!

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