By Jayaseelan Samdavid


“ The false face must hide what the false heart doth know.” – Shakespeare.


If reality is the life I have created and can only blame myself for creating then what are my dreams? Perhaps I have misrepresented these two dimensions? Perhaps the reality lies in the truest and purest form of desire, my dreams. I cover up that reality with a false face so the world can’t know what I am truly chasing. If the world knows then I can’t hide from it.

If the world knows then I am forced to act and the decision to act on what I am truly chasing is terrifying. It is terrifying to the point of I don’t even know what I am chasing. I have convinced myself to abandon my organic self and to create someone else to live in “reality.”

“This above all; to thine own self be true”

The simplest rule. A suggestion that has torn down the mightiest, the beautiful, the talented. How many years must pass before we break away from the mundane?

When the showdown happens and make no mistake it happens every day… our fabricated selves win most of the time.

We hide from our dreams and seek to falsely fulfill our lives through other means. Work, money, fitness, raising kids, material stuff, hobbies, TV, etc.

The human being is the most intricate organism on the planet. We can’t even figure ourselves out.

Here are some tips on how to achieve any goal.

Own it. There is a story we like to tell at TFW about Cortez and how when he landed on the shores of South America he was outnumbered 10-1. He looked at his men and told them to “burn the boats.” This is how we must view the things we really want. Accept it and push as hard as we can for it.

Make it known to the universe. If you own it but keep it a secret then your brain thinks you are performing an unlawful deed and you will subconsciously fight with yourself to do the work needed to achieve that goal. If you were to join a gym and not tell your friends or your family you would start making excuses not to go. “I’m tired today.” “Ah, I can’t skip this gathering, I will go tomorrow.” The same goes for all your goals. If you hide them then you start making excuses to not do them.

TEAM. That’s right. Look at the process. So far, we owned what we actually want. Then we told everyone what we are doing. The last step is to formulate a team to hold you accountable. In our gym we have an elite group. in this group, they have me to coach them but they also have each other in a private group to hold each other accountable. You cannot be afraid to call people out when needed and you cannot be angry when you get called out. These are essential tools and experiences that push us to become great and achieve what we really want.

Achieving goals that mean something to you isn’t easy. In fact, the more it means to you the harder it is to achieve. Stick to your guns and utilize this 3 step process over and over again.