By Baskaran Sekaran

This post is meant to scare you.

I aim to challenge you to step up. Entertain the idea you have more to offer. Look within yourself and ask if you can do better?

I want you to have the courage to admit to yourself that perhaps you are held back by intellectual restraints. Metaphorical chains that were unknowingly placed on you at an early age.

Your thoughts dictate your words. Your words dictate your actions, and your actions determine your legacy.


“I may sit here and think but those thoughts may not determine who I am.” In recent months I have dedicated quite a bit of time separating my being from my brain. Simply put: my brain is separate from my heart, or spirituality as one might put it.

There is a calming interconnectedness between your being and the universe. When you are present with yourself in a state of awareness then you feel an esoteric elation. Something not even capable of being explained. We have all had glimpses of it. But that is it… a glimpse, a momentary shift in power. The mind and ego are overtaken by the subdued power of our being for a brief moment. We can experience a real, raw, relevant joy but unfortunately, the mind is quick to reel you back in.

For example:

The experience one feels doing something great in sports… followed by the dread of living up to that new standard.

winning an award… followed by the good old: “ahh I got lucky.”

The true bliss of a happy moment with your spouse… followed by the self-fulfilling prophecy of the next fight.

Whatever your individual poison may be, I can say with almost certainty that your brain and your being are struggling for power. Our brain will shift to what is easy, not what is good. Look at this situation: A man comes home from work and is exhausted. He comes home to a wife that is equally exhausted from taking care of the kids and working. She wants to do dishes and laundry and make the nest a place of comfort and the man is a more practical entity so he wants to unwind on the couch and save that stuff for later. A fight ensues because neither wants to compromise. She is crazy and overbearing and he is lazy!

Who is right?

I will have you consider that no one is right. They are both just acting from commands that their brain is putting forth. The feminine being wants to fill space. If there is a bare wall then she must hang a picture. If there is silence then she wants to talk or be active. A masculine being wants to do only what is practical and needed so if he is tired then he wants to rest. If he does not have anything to say then he is silent.

Here is the interesting part. If they had both been in touch with their being then they would have been present enough to realize what was happening. Their minds were trying to control the situation. If they were self-aware and identified with their being then they could have said hello to their thoughts and intrinsically decided to alter their paths. The man and woman would have done the dishes together had some laughs and everyone is happy. The man gets to unwind with his wife by laughing and the woman gets the dishes done and saves the laundry for tomorrow. BOOM.

This situation was my situation. That is why I know it works. We are conditioned to identify with our thinking brain rather than our being and that is why we act on impulse and react to emotions. One can alter this path by recognizing a situation like the one above before it turns into the fight. The catch is, you have to do the work.

What is the work? I am glad you asked…

We will start with these 3 simple but challenging tasks:

1. Practice being aware of yourself daily. Keep a journal. When you feel yourself fill up with emotion and go to react to it. DON’T. That is a brain reaction. Notice that you are feeling the emotion, say hi to it and let it pass. I used to practice this with road rage. Then I practiced at home. Then I even practiced with happy emotions. Keep a journal if you can because you will see a pattern develop.

2. Go outside your comfort zone. Do things you wouldn’t normally do. I mean this with all my heart. I used to think I was the busiest person in the world. I honestly thought I had no time for dishes or anything else. I WAS WRONG. I started to listen to my being and not my brain and I found time. Many philosophers and erudite thinkers have said: “time is just a matter of perception.” I am LIVING PROOF.

3. Confront your fears. This is the one a lot of people won’t do. Flat out refuse. In fact, most people refuse to admit they have fears. I am not talking spiders and snakes here. I am talking childhood issues. Marital issues, abnormal stress, whatever YOUR fear is… confront it! Put it out there. Say hi to it and it will slowly cease to have power. The more you confront your problems the faster they dissolve. They might not go away, you can’t fix everything but the more in tune with yourself you become the less you care about “problems” and the more you care about what matters.

“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.” – Henry David Thoreau

I spent the first portion of my life’s work telling people it isn’t too late to change your fitness level, it isn’t too late to get fit. Eat right. BLAH BLAH BLAH. It is immensely important to have a healthy lifestyle but that isn’t where we start. Where we start is getting your head right. Learning how to implement habits. Retrain your brain to dissolve strife, not avoid it. To embrace the deep punch in the gut you feel when you embark on a new journey towards what you want. It isn’t easy work. It isn’t without fear or pain. It is where we see you transform from a person existing to a person thriving.

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