By Saravana Sekar


If there was ever a title to catch your attention, I’m pretty sure this would be up there in the rankings. Your mind might be wondering what the heck I mean (keep it out of the gutter, sicko) and for a good reason!

#ButtStuff is one of my hashtag marks used on my Instagram page while deadlifting, sled push, swinging bells, sprinting… really anything that gives my glutes a good old run for their money. People enjoy the glamour of having a nice looking butt; both the one who built it, and those who get to look. You could want to develop them for power and athletic production, or maybe just to make your ex-boyfriend jealous, whatever floats your boat doesn’t bother me! But the actual importance of fully developing a strong set of buns goes much, much deeper than that!


  • It is a nice cushion when you sit throughout the day – sometimes too long!

  • It might not fit in those jeans you wanted if you work it out

  • Rumor had it J-Lo had hers insured for $1 billion

  • They vary in shape and size; big, small, round, plump, or narrow

  • North American eastern painted turtles can breathe out of theirs to help preserve energy during hibernation

  • A survey of 3,000 women showed that of any body part they preferred being complimented on, they chose their butt


The gluteal muscle group is comprised of three main muscles:

  • gluteus maximus

  • gluteus medius

  • gluteus minimus

These muscles are responsible for extending, abducting, externally rotating and internally rotating your hips—critical movements for sprinting, jumping and changing direction… not to mention supporting other major structures of the body.


Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle of the glutes, and is actually the largest muscle in your entire body! It’s main function is upper leg extension (straightening the leg from a bent position). That movement pattern is exemplified when rising up from the bottom of a squat, locking out the top of a deadlift, rear-leg drive while running/sprinting, or any hip thrusting motion alike.

Gluteus Medius often flies under the radar on gaining popularity with developing glutes. It is a huge factor on assisting upper leg (thigh) rotation, and hip adduction. Movements such as walking, single leg scenarios and unstable surface balance utilize the gluteus medius engage to maintain neutral pelvis positioning, thus improving the integrity of your structure below and above the hips.

*For all of you who have come to Orca Empire, we have definitely found where this muscle is during our myofascial release/foam rolling sessions 🙂 *

Gluteus Minimus has similar functions as the gluteus medius. When the hip is extended, it is responsible for externally rotating at the hip. And when the knee is extended, it acts to stabilize the leg during single-leg supported movements (running, walking, ect.).

Squats+Squats+Squats Will Make My Butt Bigger: Yes, of course they play a role in developing a strong set of gluteal muscles; but is it the cure all approach? Not quite. That would be as if you had the flu and you only tried drowning yourself in apple cider vinegar. Sure, its a great addition and will help, but alone is not the answer to your prayers. Squats are just another tool in the toolbox to contribute to effective development. Glute dominant exercises such as lunges, thrusts, deadlifts, or single-legged movements will stimulate growth and development for a strong and sexy derriere.
Genetics are a Huge Factor: The fixation of developing colossal cheeks have gone to extremes, especially with the massive attention of A-List celebrities who are *ahem* well-endowed. For some, no amount of ideal training will bring you what you aim for, and there isn’t too much you can [naturally] do about it! If you naturally possess a larger amount of muscle mass to develop, or on the flip side have an absurdly small amount, it is due to your genetic heredity. So those who have a shelf-you-can-put-drinks-on butt, or the can’t-fill-my-jeans butt; blame your parents and grandparents. BUT WAIT!! You most certainly can CONTROL the STRENGTH they posses by engaging in training, maintaining proper nutritional habits, and spending less time sitting during the day (read here on how sitting is dangerous for your health).
Workin’ Out to Twerk it Out: I can’t believe I just used that word in a sentence, but hey, it got your attention! Just like anything else you want to improve when it comes to physical and physiological change, it won’t magically improve by itself. Along with that, your nutritional choices and caloric intake must be taken into consideration. Gaining excess body far can “soften” areas you’d rather not be; so be mindful to minimize your fat storage! “So how do you optimally train your but?” You might ask. There are a wide variety of ways to do so, and I bet you have already done a few on your own! But I can 100% guarantee there are many more ways you have not yet explored that can help improve your lower body training routine to bring the desired outcome you wish into reality. There is more to developing glutes than squats, lunges, and gimmicky tricks. Using a variety of hip extension, abducting and rotating exercises will contribute to keeping it interesting, and providing the best benefits possible.
Luckily, I have put together a compilation of some of the Best Butt Building Workouts all into one video! Many can be done right at home safely with no equipment, while others require a coach and more space present. To get started or continue on your journey, check out my video linked below to add into your routine!

At Orca Empire Fitness, we are always searching for new ways to keep our training as exciting, rewarding, and purposeful as possible. With our professional coaching, unique personalities, and passion as our driving force, our goal is to elicit the change each individual is striving for!

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Best Butt Building Exercises HD

Wishing You Great Health and Strength,

Coach Sean