Decimate Fat Without Damaging Your Body

By Sean Escaravage

Fad diets, Booty-Pump classes, Fat Burner pills, Meal Replacement Shakes, and Flashy DVD's

temp-post-imageThese were "OK" (and I use that very lightly) when more science emerged behind proper training and utilizing a whole food nutrition approach to follow the path to results we wish for. I remember the stack of Tae-Bo workout VHS tapes my mom had for the occasional living room sweat fest... but let's be honest, where does that get you? Before I catch myself on a tangent, I could spend hours talking to each of you to discover what will help optimize your lifestyle. That isn't to say I have all of the answers, that is entirely far from the truth. But I will go as far to say through research, experience, and constant feedback, I am determined to dish out the best combination of what's been discovered to all that I can. Which brings us to today;

Are You a Professional "Exerciser"?

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Do you compete for a living? Play highly competitive sports? Striving for a specific goal/race/event? If you said no to all of those questions, then that should be reflected in your training. Intense training sessions are great to improve the threshold of what your body can withstand. The more you put yourself under stress, the more efficient your body comes at responding to and dealing with that an extent. If you have an upcoming competition where you have some sort of expectations to meet, then that is another story. But for an overall improved quality of life and longevity, there is a threshold to shy away from where injury to the body occurs from consistent stress and exercise frequency. Fancy enough, there's a Model of Overuse Injury Threshold Curve, I think it would be best for me to just show and explain!

Too often, boot-camp style gyms and programs focus too much on elevated frequency paired with high stress/intensity. Frequency is how often a movement if preformed (during the session, week, or however it is implemented). Intensity can be from heavy weights being used, speed of movement, amount of the movement, or context of how it is implemented. From the video, it is best to find an overall balance of both of those elements while trying to avoid overstepping that boundary.

High Intensity + High Frequency = Injury and Pain Occurs

Mixed Intensity + Mixed Frequency = Healthy, Athletic, Adaptive

By performing movement patterns at a mixture of high/low frequency and low/high stress can have a phenominal effect on the body's abilities. Not only to lose fat and get stronger, but to become more efficient, learn how your body feels when it is moving right, eliminate aches/pains/tightness/discomfort, and prepare for situations that life will throw at you. There is a difference between just doing a push-up, and then really doing a push-up. If you have the wrong muscles firing in an exercise, the benefits disappear, and potential damage emerges.

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But If I'm Not Dying and Dripping With Sweat Each Session, Am I Still Getting Better?

Doing more doesn’t mean you are getting more or less out of a session. There are days where 25 bodyweight squats with your best intention can be more beneficial in becoming more proficient in squatting, versus trying to go the heaviest you an each time because an "I need to " approach. As fun as it is to feel strong consistently, you are more likely to end up above that injury curve and be out of commission.

Don't let yourself be coached through beat downs, it's a classic training mistake! Every once in a blue moon they could be beneficial to test your performance threshold, mental willpower, and stamina, but not one of the "regular workouts" in your regime. Find a balance between challenging and sustainable, rewarding and tasking, beneficial and safe. At Orca Empire, we are proud to avoid the mindset of "no pain, no gain". By emphasizing body preparation, adjusting to each individual, and uncompromising in technique execution. Come in and see how we are revolutionizing the fitness industry one student at a time!

Wishing You Great Health and Strength,

Coach Sean

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