By Baskaran Sekaran


It’s true we all face struggles in life. One area I believe almost all women can agree on is at one point or another the gym has been a struggle. Maybe it is for you and maybe it isn’t, but as a women myself I understand the struggles and have gone through them.


– not knowing what to do in the gym

– lack of motivation

– embarrassment

– having no desire to work hard.

Ladies, at one point or another I have come face to face with these struggles. Let’s start with the first two: not knowing what to do in the gym and lack of motivation. I remember going to the gym freshmen year of college and being scared and intimated of the place. Being an athlete, my workouts were programmed for me so when I was left to make up and do my own routine I had NO IDEA like most new gym-goers.

What I should have done was talked to the trained staff that could have given me some advice or wrote up a routine for me. In the process of working with coaches you will learn your way around the gym, the equipment, and understand how to work what area of your body. Listening to your body is a huge part of training.

Showing up to the gym is actually very easy, but being motivated to go to the gym is difficult. Many women do not have the motivation to go to the gym by themselves and push themselves hard enough to even recall what they did in a training session. That is why I am a firm believer in group training. It has been proven by research that people exercise harder when they train with friends or with other people in a group. I know for a fact I train harder when I work out with my other coaches, with my friends, or when my students are watching me. If I am by myself sprinting I do not nearly sprint as fast as I do when I am with the other coaches.


At Training for Warriors (TFW) Ropestone, the group energy in the classes is immensely high, so high that it is impossible for people to slack off or to not be motivated. The things I see the most when I coach in my classes (I am sure my fellow coaches agree) are the unlimited high fives everyone is giving each other, the cheering each other on, and when I see students who complete their workout go stand right next to a student who is still finishing cheering them on before they even grab their water.

It’s amazing! In order to solve your lack of motivation problem join a gym that has good, high, supportive energy, and bring a friend with you. I guarantee you will be motivated when somebody in the class is cheering you on like you are about to win an Olympic Gold Medal.

Embarrassment and embracing the struggle.

The great thing about classes at TFW Ropestone, is that most of the students have been in your shoes so there is no need to be embarrassed.

Problem solved right? Didn’t think so! Change is scary…

I say it is exciting. You have to go out of your comfort zone if you want to be healthier, be fit, and have more out of life. Not only that, you have to be willing to work hard to get what you want. “If you do what you always have done, you get what you always have gotten.” The feeling of accomplishment is more powerful than the feeling of embarrassment. The trick is to get that first accomplishment.

TIP: start small. Accomplish one small thing instead of focusing on the monumental task you are thinking about.

“The road to someday leads to no-where.”


There are great facilities, programs, and coaches out there. When you do finally decide to focus on your health and join a gym, you need to push yourself and work hard!! Get out of that comfort zone and embrace the hard work. No matter how hard the training session is, I guarantee you have gone through harder moments in your life. If you approach those moments with the same grit you approach hard training sessions, I guarantee you will get through them both.