By Saravana Sekar

Christine has done two video testimonials for us but I realized something the other day. It is one thing to see and hear about her success and quite another to understand it.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t draw? Maybe you can, but I am not a great artist. Sometimes I muse about drawing certain things that inspire me and I always wondered what it would be like to be able to do that? Then I took a class that taught me to draw in blocks. What happens is you plan out your image and section it into blocks and only draw one block at a time. That simplifies a great art form. Having said that, I will never be a great artist. That is something you are born with but I can focus and draw something that inspires me.


Most of you can never be great athletes, it would have already happened. Plus, I am sure you all have families now and jobs and don’t have the time to be a great athlete. However, I can teach you the building blocks to YOUR art form as it pertains to health. In other words, I can teach you to “draw” what inspires you.


Christine came into the gym and saw things in blocks. She had many goals and was able to segmented them. She understood that in order to achieve what she wants the most she had to set aside what she wants now. For instance, she knew she wanted to go on great adventures but she had to get her foot to feel better before she could train the way she needed to train. Then she realized she wanted to lose fat so the adventures were more enjoyable and realistic. Below are three things that Christine came into every class with that are the building blocks to her success.

1.She knew what she wanted. Christine came into Orca Empire with a list of things she wanted to accomplish and it wasn’t just aesthetics. She wanted to lose weight and tone up for sure, but she attached her weight loss goals to actual events. She literally wants to “walk the earth.” She plans trips all the time to foreign countries walking and seeing the beauty of the world.
2.She was consistent. Christine rarely missed a workout and when she did, she made it up. If not physically, she adjusted her caloric intake to match her physical activity. These days there are easy apps to help you with tracking your macros and reporting them. Christine hasn’t settled either. She is still pushing and still not missing any classes.
3.She is unwavering. The word “priority” means your biggest focus. You can’t have more than one number one focus, that is like giving “150%” it just isn’t’ possible. There comes a point where you have to put yourself first. I am of the opinion that the perfect time to put yourself first is right now. no matter where you are in life. I don’t care if you have an infant, you come first. If you come down with depression, obesity, disease, or general unhappiness how will your child’s life play out? If you are unwavering in your pursuit for happiness your family will absorb that energy and you will force them to rise to your level.


As the years pass by it becomes easier to see the big picture. When you’re a kid you strive for glory. We want to be the best in sports . When you become an adult it is all about career and building a family. Then at some point you realize that in order to be truly happy you would need to “have it all.” Most people become discouraged and are forced to compromise. They sacrifice their own health for the good of the family. They sacrifice their family time for work. There are a lot of combinations but to few it occurs to them that they can have it all. It is possible, however, it is also hard work. One must unlearn years of habits and create a new lifestyle. These three things that I attributed to Christine’s success and continued success are three things that I believe are a must in order to achieve a true lifestyle change and not just a temporary fix.