By Kalyanasundaram Divya

There is a sport that fascinates me. It’s called Free-Diving.

Free divers take several deep breaths and then attempt to dive as far into the ocean as they can. William Trubridge is the current record holder. He dove to a depth of 400 feet. At that depth, your lungs are barely half their normal size and the pressure is immense.

None of that is the fascinating part to me.

I have met some recreational free-divers and they speak of the disorientation that can happen in really blue water and at great depths. As they speak of it, I am lost in reverie about the magnitude of being disoriented.

Apparently, as you swim down you can hit a depth where you no longer know which way is up or down. The blue surrounds you and the depth of the ocean absorbs you. There is no pull to the top after 50 feet so you are floating in the vast unknown.

Professional free divers use a cable to guide them so this phenomenon doesn’t happen as regularly.


When I sat down to write this, that story kept popping in my head. Achieving the “ideal” anything in our society is a bit like floating in the vast unknown.

We don’t really have a clear picture of what our body should look like. We just know we want less fat or more muscle. We have jobs, kids, activities, and this body-image pulling us in all directions that if feels like you aren’t going anywhere, just like the ocean when you reach that vast unknown.

How do you find your ideal body then ?

I believe we need a cable to guide us. Think about it.

How many times have you started to workout or eat right and then your family wants to eat junk food? Or you are too tired to go to the gym? Then you say “fuck it” why bother?

This is your vast unknown. You are stuck between what you think you SHOULD look like, the pitfalls of being an adult who has to work, raise kids, and try to find balance for yourself.

Imagine if you had that cable to reach for when you felt the disorientation come on?

If you are searching for that great body.

=> You finally feel like you deserve it?

==> You raised your kids and now it is YOUR time?

===> Work is finally leveled out and you have that time to devote to health and fitness?

The starting point is not the gym, not unless you have the cable anchored so you don’t get disoriented.

The cable starts with you. Forget everything. No kids, no spouse, no world. Answer these questions:

  2. What is the biggest lie you are telling yourself?
  3. What will you do today to move forward?

IF you can answer these questions every single morning when you wake up then this will serve as your cable. Your anchor. Your guide.

It may change, that’s ok.

The important thing is that when you feel overwhelmed or disoriented that you revisit these questions. It will anchor you back to what is important and expose the stories that if you boil it down are just bullshit.

Don’t forget, it won’t be easy. Holding your breath and diving to 400 feet isn’t easy. Nothing you really want is easy but when it does get hard. Go back to you cable for support.