How to Focus Shift for Optimal Results

By Sean Escaravage

Breathing like I'm sucking through a straw, fighting to get just enough to make it one more step. Can this be over yet?

Seeing the slightest glimpse of a finish line, or maybe it's my imagination? Others pass me, I become distracted, and I'm losing momentum and confidence. This sucks, Can this be over yet?

Feeling tired and bored, my lunch gurgling in my stomach, heart beats pounding in my ears, every muscle is on fire, legs resembling jell-o, can this be over yet?

Moving fast, then slow, then kinda fast, then really slow...crap, now I have to walk, ugh. I feel achy, I can't do that movement...what's an easier one? I just want this to end


It is so easy for negative and erratic thoughts to overwhelm a present challenge. But in those times of doubt, fear, frustration and confusion, we are presented with a choice. We can choose to let those shitty thoughts rule our current endeavors, or take on a shift in focus and keep yourself from going insane or taking you too far out of your zone.


Those internal scenarios are all thoughts, not actions or reality. You actually convinced yourself that your legs feel like jell-o and lack oomph to forge on; rather than believing in your strength to carry you forward with power and prestige. Your thoughts are powerful, more than I have time to explain in this writing. The power of mental stamina and strength an overrule so many functions and situations of the body. What you think, both good or not so good, will come into fruition because it has been summoned to exist, even if by accident or jokingly.

It might sound crazy, but if you can VISUALIZE and BELIEVE a rush of oxygen flowing into the depths of your lungs, as if magic, you will be satiated with breath and your feeling of needing to stop to rest can be diminished.

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But it doesn't happen "just like that"


It's not a magic genie lamp. Having the true belief in your gut is the root to your success, and without strong roots the branches cannot develop. 100% commitment is required, as if you replayed it as a mantra over and over again, because that tiny bit of doubt you are holding is enough to counteract all the good you wish to obtain. Basically, You can't say or think one time and expect instant gratification.

That need of instant gratification (as a general term) has been slowly plaguing individuals. Automation of services/goods/products, on-demand, technology pleasure, and finding superficial satisfaction through 'things' have shifted many to external sources of satisfaction. In this modern era, it is great to be able to experience those things, and not have to labor intensely for the things that provide pleasure. But in doing so, becoming less in tune with intrinsic motivations and rewards. Frustration from the drive-thru taking too long, needing stimulation from an electronic something all of the time, being placed on hold for too long, students getting detention for their phone being taken in school, being rude to customer service for an issue outside of their control.

Yes, it is natural to become frustrated, but is it consistent? Is the first inclination to complain or become irritated at a situation that isn't 100% favorable? That is where the line can be blurred; between organically experiencing the array of human emotion, and making the less favorable be your first line of defense. Unfortunately, it has seemingly become a part of culture to feel irritated or deprived if we don't reap what we want, when we want it, and how easy it should happen.

On the flipside, the old mentality of you need to work hard and get into the trenches to get what you want isn't a perfect approach either. That type of pure 'grit' lifestyle has it's own shortcomings, but somewhere between using the luxuries we have to manipulate growth, and the core principle of extremely working hard for what you wish to be fulfilled is the magic elixir for those aspirations you wish for.

It is like searching for buried treasure, but you only bits of the map to find it.

In the movie National Treasure, Ben Gates and his posse are on a search for, well, the Templar Treasure based on just a few small clues to start. But in order to get closer to the treasure, he only has one clue to solve at a time. There is no map he has to bypass steps 3, 4, & 5 because he can't figure them out. It is only through consistent thoughts and actions toward what he seeks that he is able to complete these daunting feats of discovery.

Although it's a movie, the principle applies!

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Are You A Dropout?

Have you drifted from where you picture yourself being? From the rock solid routine you had just a few weeks ago? Or maybe your aspiration never made past the stage of contemplation. As a coach, my job isn't to tell you what to do. My role is to facilitate and help you help yourself by providing the best set of tools I can in order to elicit self-motivation and awareness. If each day I told each student what weight on the bar to use every single time, told you what "diet" to follow, or to , then I would consider my role as a coach to be failing you. By offering guidance, advice, and (of course) setting you up for a fast track to more success, the big enchilada is to give you autonomy; having freedom from external control, pure independence.

You're stuck in a rut. But you have a choice; climb your way out of the setback, or dig yourself deeper into the trenches. When most people find themselves in a slump, they become extremely focused on the problem

"I can't find time for that"

"It's really hard for me"

"Well I did once, but I probably won't be able to now"

"I'm not able to, someone needs to help me"

Time for a focus shift! Take all of your energy wasted on the problems and redirect it to explore possibility. Cease focusing on what you aren't able to do and why, and what you are able to and how. Forget what roadblocks have deterred you before this very moment, and break through those barriers with each step you take towards personal fruition.

Read a real test of focus shift and fortitude about my adventure here

It is much more difficult to take action, almost impossible, if you are focused too heavily on the negatives. Consciously or subconsciously, hope has been deprived, like taking the wind away from a sail boat; all momentum and progress comes to a halt. The list of "cant's" seems never-ending. A laundry list of problems, stressors, and inhibitors that pop up throughout each day, sometimes with ugly connotations. When one seems to go wrong, the snowball effect takes place and then the whole day is turned against you...or so it seems. Now take that daunting list of problems, and begin scratching away at its surface. I can almost guarantee you can discover a list equally as long of possibility, confidence, potential moments of greatness. They might be harder to see and experience, but if it was so easy, appreciating those brief moments would be less rewarding.

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Grab a Pen and Paper

Write down 5 things you view as some of your weaknesses. It can be bullet points or longer, whatever represents it best.

Now, write down how those perceived weaknesses can be potential strengths. Take as long as you need, but keep this in your wallet, purse, dresser...somewhere you can see it consistently.

For me, a big weakness is being quiet and passive aggressive during confrontation (ouch). On the flip side, not reacting initially to an un-favored situation allows me to collect my thoughts without acting out of spite or impulse. I am working on taking that silence I used as a grudge to now rationalize my thoughts, and resolve the situation without negative emotions.


It is okay to be nervous and feel slight discomfort, the people on your left and right probably are feeling the same way. But how you go about uncovering and creating that positive list is not something someone can tell you. It is unique and exclusive to you and your path, and it may take some trial and error to find the best mixture to happiness and prosperity. But I will leave you with just one last piece. Your efforts do not need to be perfect, and a huge majority of the time they will not be, but what they do need is:

  • true belief

  • hope

  • consistency

  • passion

  • determination

  • fortitude

  • joy and happiness

  • ...and to make you feel closer to the existence you envision living

Most people spend more time focusing on their weaknesses than developing their strengths. And as a result of this, most people never connect with the greatness that it is their duty to discover. Earn your right to personal fulfillment back

At Orca Empire, we are dedicated to changing your life. Orca Empire will help you develop better habits, a positive mindset, improve your confidence and help you become the best version of yourself by becoming stronger in all aspects of your life.

Strong Mind, Strong Body, Strong Relationships, Strong Spirit.

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"Now, I use my strength, not as a defense, but to be strong enough to create the life that I want"

Wishing You Great Health and Strength,

Coach Sean

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