By Baskaran Sekaran

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I am not sure if you are aware but every Sunday I take some time to search for insights. Ok I am being modest, I do that every day but Sunday in particular.


When I was a kid I always loved poetry and literature but I refused to write anything of my own that wasn’t completely original. I had this thought that all insights had to be organic. All my ideas had to be monumental or they weren’t worth it.

That is cool if you are Emerson and have an overflow of ideas but the rest of us don’t get “ah hah!” moments that frequently. That means we have to search for them. Insights are funny though, once you find them… you have to act on them!

An insight, or ah hah moment is like a workout. IF you do one you feel good that day. But if you build on them then you feel amazing the rest of your life.


This weekend I wanted to lay out my plans for this week but I wasn’t feeling clear on my goals so I decided to go lie next to my sleeping son and I felt an overwhelming sense of love and purpose. I could have left it at that but I didn’t. I went and wrote out my goals for the week and reviewed my long term goals.

That one extra step of taking action is how we move from motivated to inspired. From acutely happy to perpetual mirth. From staying the same to expanding.


I found out yesterday that my son will always make me happy BUT he also has the power to make me better. It is my job to act on that power.

My Hypothesis:

If a person is settled in life, they will stay settled unless inspired by an outside force. That person will then heat up internally but in order to elicit action that person needs to accept that they have control over their life. If this is not done within the first 10 seconds of inspiration it will not get done and they must wait for the next opportunity.


The longer one waits to act, the harder it gets to act.
With each passing inspirational opportunity, the ability to act gets harder
Change only occurs with the Compound Effect. That means you must act and keep acting on your ambitions to make them come to fruition.
Your brain will second guess your efforts. Follow your gut.
In order to achieve growth you must first be clear on the path you want to take.
I was just as lost, scared, and angry as anybody. I know how hard it can be to step up. Which is why I have unflinching faith that all of you have the ability to expand and grow into the people you always wanted to be.