By Saravana Sekar

I couldn’t escape the lingering feeling of inadequacy. It compelled me to do one thing and one thing only: nothing.

Absolutely nothing.


That was last week. The irony of it is that the week before I felt like I could conquer the world. Life can fluctuate in that way. One minute we are on top of the world and the next minute we are in scarcity. Breathing deep and waiting for the blanket of anxiety to be pulled from our eyes so we can take action towards our dreams.

When we speak of dreams ideas of money or time usually come to mind. Delusions of grandeur make an appearance as if these things can solve all of our problems. As if things of this nature can enrich our lives? If they could, we would have them already.

  • If an athletic and fit body was your biggest problem then you would never miss the gym or eat those lemon loaf Starbucks snacks.

  • If money was your biggest problem you would find a way to make more

  • If mental stability is your problem then you will find a way to correct it and find fulfillment.


However, we have all created a life and that life is and always will be what we make it. Life happens in our waking hours. Life can be the stuff dreams are made of. I work with a lot of people and I see flashes of things in people. Everyone I work with has something in their life that might seem like a dream to other people. I think the hardest part is being consistent with all areas of your life, not just one.

When we begin to compare our actual lives to our dreams we get thwarted by the immense feeling of the inevitability of failure so we decide not to take action. That is why a person can be rich but have terrible health or have their health but be disconnected from their families. We work so hard towards one thing at a time and get stuck in a void. We can’t go backwards. That would be disastrous but we are scared or worried to go forward. It seems like such a monumental effort to achieve great fitness when you have to work so hard, right? This is where our dreams become counterintuitive. We dream about money, a great body, a super connected family but our dreams sometimes push us to jump straight to the end product. Dreams are supposed to inspire us but when the work is vast, we use them as excuses.


“It just wasn’t meant to be”


We tear down people who can achieve the dream: “They are just a freak of nature. I don’t know how they do that. It isn’t normal” (FYI, I do this one and I know you do too).

If we have a bad day or week in our nutrition it turns into a bad month or year. If we have a bad week at work in can turn into a miserable job. If our fitness suffers we might let our whole life suffer. I did nothing productive last week because I started letting my reality compare to my dreams instead of letting my dreams inspire my reality. I got stuck in the void. I started making excuses as to why I couldn’t take action.


The fastest way to get out of the void is to force yourself take action. Any action. If you skipped the gym for a week and now you feel like it isn’t worth it or you are scared to go back, just go. Your brain will tell you any story necessary to support the easy way out because dreaming is easy, living is hard.

Have you ever woke up from a dream and been disappointed it didn’t really happen? I have. I remember thinking when I was younger how cool it would be to be a mountaineer and climb the big mountains but someone told me you needed a lot of money to do it and I let it go. I let the dream slip into the void for a long time and then one day I decided to take action towards it. I bought a trip. Then I started collecting gear. Then I climbed a mountain.


The story was that it was impossible. The Reality was that it was hard, not impossible. I let my dreams cloud my reality. Where are you doing this?

Here are two things to do to move forward. It’s fun.

Write a list all the coolest dreams you ever had. All the things you dream about.
Make a list of all the goals you have. Don’t overcomplicate the word “goals.” It is literally: what you want.
Now, see where your dreams and your reality coincide. Make a list of all the ways you sabotage your reality with your dreams through comparison or just lack of ability to take action.

Now what?

COURSE CORRECT. Take one simple step.