By Baskaran Sekaran

In our busy lives we create the impressionable idea that we are masters of our universe… Undeniably, we do master, or attempt to master, a trade and develop a family but media plays too large a role in our health. Unfortunately, we look to the TV to influence what foods to eat and celebrities to shape visions of ourselves. At Training for Warriors, it is our responsibility to respond and help you emerge as master of your own health. Below, I will present 3 common mental barriers you are likely to experience and how to get passed them.

1. “To scale or not to scale… “ Whether or not you should use the scale has become the popular debate. Not a single person (whose aim is fat-loss) has passed through my school without harping on their weight. I am going to lay it on you flat out: the number on the scale is not the most important number AND for the record, BMI is even less meaningful. Weight is important because if you ever need medication or are involved in a clinical setting it comes in to play for certain calculations. Weight is also important for athletes to track because some sports have weight classes. It is also great to see the numbers drop on the scale during your quest for fat-loss. However, you will inevitably reach a point where the scale drops less and less, especially as you get closer to your goals. It begins to weigh on your mind because you think you should still see the scale go down a bunch. This isn’t always true. When you reach the point where you are closer to your ideal body fat percentage you have to focus more on the ‘eye tests.’ How do your clothes fit? Are people complimenting you? Regular body fat testing is also an option. These become the new focus points, not the scale. I have seen many students torment themselves over the scale despite fitting into clothes they haven’t worn in a while. Trust in your jeans! If they are loose and you have to pull old ones put of the closet then let the scale rest in peace! If you are seeing curves in your legs that weren’t there, those are muscles!


2. “Once more into the gym dear friends…” Training for Warriors is a big believer in the group setting. If you have a support network to hold you accountable at the gym then you are far more likely to stick with it. At Training For Warriors we have an unwritten rule that you must high five each other or cheer on your team mates. However, there are many people who just seem to shy away from this. You wind up going to a big box gym and get lost in the fluff, or you try doing it at home and can’t stay committed. It is very simple, obesity and other disease are a giant adversary and if you try to soldier it alone, you probably won’t succeed. If you are part of an army then you are better equipped to attack the enemy.


3. “This too shall pass…” The dreaded plateau. The funny part about this one is that there isn’t a great drop out rate from a plateau but a lot of people are content to just stay the same for a LONG time. I have known people to plateau for years before changing their routine up. At Training for Warriors, we write your program so you don’t have to worry about changing the routine per se. You do have to worry about the routine effort you put forth. I have seen in my classes people get fired up beyond where they thought they could and see amazing results. They progress to a higher level but then something happens, it gets harder! They become intimidated and fail, and fail, and fail, sometimes more than they have to before realizing that it is just an effort barrier. Failure is part of learning, no doubt but don’t let an effort plateau dictate when you progress just because you fear how tired you get from a level 4 hurricane or how heavy the bar feels on a back squat or deadlift. Plateau doesn’t always refer to your program, it can also refer to your mental state and the effort you put forth. A great way to bust out of any mental barrier is to put yourself outside your comfort zone. If a hurricane feels a little too routine then it is most likely an effort plateau.Remember, “this too shall pass” and get after it! There is a rule we live by in my TFW school: if you are going to do it anyway, do it awesome!”


When you are at a TFW school, the objective is to become more. I correlate the 3 mental barriers above to too much reliance on media for guidance. Don’t worry about what media outlets are saying, focus on the basics which is clean eating and being consistent in the gym. If you find yourself stuck at a mental barrier try to remember the lessons from this post.