If You Are Not Worth It, Than What Is?

By Sean Escaravage

There isn't a One Stop Shop Solution in Fitness

Gyms across the globe claim they have the best coaches, the best training, and the best equipment. There are thousands of personal trainers, strength coaches, therapists, and professionals in the field, and all of them, including myself, are trying to emerge themselves as a household name. Sure, I bet many of them do have great training, and kickass equipment; but to claim you are 'better' than everyone else is a surefire way to advertise the exact opposite.

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It all Begins With a Growth Mindset


The philosophy of the gym you go to will dictate your entire experience. The coaches, the program, the atmosphere, and many of the students share what the gym believes and does. Going to a $10 per month gym is going to give you a mere $10 worth of value, experience, and enjoyment; there's a reason they give it to you so cheap!

Is your body worth $10? What about your freedom to move without pain? If you could put a price tag on all of the 'things' you enjoy doing, wish you could still do, or only have imagined yourself doing; how much value does that hold for you?

We all dream for extravagant cars, houses, clothing, vacations, and tons of 'things' that enhance the enjoyment of life. But too often, the importance of YOU can be overshadowed and put on the back-burner. If you are ready to stop wishing and begin achieving lifestyle upgrades that improve your prosperity, longevity, and fulfillment, start by finding the best environment that aligns with the WHY of your health journey.

You Are Infinite

It's All About You

Look to the person on your left. Now to the one on your right. How do their goals, actions, and aspirations affect you?

Trick Question, They Shouldn't! When beginning or continuing exercise, everybody is at a different place, and their path has led them here for different reasons. So to try and replicate their goals, their movement, or even their attitude is doing yourself a disservice. Now just one second...

Yes, it is absolutely perfect to "look up to" people as models or inspiration, but please do not confuse that with trying to be their doppelgänger; find the WHY that will guide your HOW, and bring you closer towards WHAT you search to feel.

Is your motivation to be pain free? Get bulging biceps? Shed some fat? Improve your endurance? Sexy six pack?

But what about staying healthy to play with your children or grandchildren? Becoming resilient so in 20 years you don't need a wheelchair or hip replacement? Gaining physical freedoms to explore and travel the world? Improve your overall confidence?

There are dozens of reasons as to why someone might want to find a form of exercise, but it is important to find YOURS; that is how you will remain consistent, and most importantly, enjoy what you spend your time doing.

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How Should You Approach Fitness?

These are all programs that the Orca Team has explored in the Hudson Valley, and they all have their respectable benefits. However, there are some drawbacks to each of them. Hundreds of different health/wellness focused centers exist, but not all of them are built for you; that is why it can be tough to find the right fit. We kept the organizations anonymous, removing the bias of their name and what you perceive about them:


Program A

Focuses on lifting heavy weights and moves their body very quickly. They do it in a controlled setting with well-trained coaches.


  • Extremely high motivational elements

  • Tight-knit community feeling


  • It is a system that is NOT designed for longevity (i.e. long term involvement/commitment)

  • Only customizable within their own framework; lacks 'outside of the box' freedom of exercise

Program B

Focuses consistent high intensity training sessions. They encompass, but are not limited to; Olympic lifting, HIIT, plyometrics, and gymnastics training


  • Able to achieve super fast results

  • Great internal culture; push past perceived limits, supportive, high energy


  • Extremely high risk of injury/overuse

  • Not easily customized or adjusted for your needs; rigid in structure

Program C

Is great for developing lower body power and conditioning. The certified instructors are in control of the intensity and output of each class.


  • Very low impact on the joints; no pounding on the knees/hips/feet/ankles

  • Improves cardiovascular endurance


  • Non transferrable strength into life situations; won't help you clean garage, garden, move your body properly

  • You are in a poor posture the majority of the session; most people spend a lot of time sitting, and is now compounded with a poor sitting posture during your workout

Program D

Uses fitness as a platform to prepare you for life and the challenges it entails. Professional Coaches guide all training sessions focused around body awareness, strength, conditioning, mobility, and injury prevention


  • Total individual customization; able to progress and regress any exercise as needed for you

  • Intimate group atmosphere; organically exceeding fitness, it blurs the lines of family and friendship


  • It is expensive for a membership + additional programs; the most expensive program in the Hudson Valley

  • Not designed for acute results; don't expect instant fat-burn or bulging beach muscles

Program E

Brings awareness to the body through many restorative, strengthening, and stretching based movements. The focus is to improve well-being and connection to breath.


  • Reduces a great deal of stress and anxiety

  • Improves the mind-body connection with physical and mental stimulation


  • Does not prepare you for physical fun and adventure; won't test muscular endurance for hikes, mud runs, physical challenge

  • Intimidating joining a class as a novice; terminology difficult to understand, flow of class can move quickly

At Orca Empire Fitness,

We are aware no two peoples goals are exactly, so why should your training be the same? Whether it is your first day since high-school being physically active, or you've completed IronMan triathlons, we meet you where you are to guide you towards where you want to become.

Your friend Stacy might have her sights set on crushing a 250lb Deadlift before her 45th birthday, but you might really want to improve your flexibility and drop 2 pants sizes. It doesn't take a quantum physicist to realize that there isn't a 'one size fits all' approach to adopting exercise program. Unfortunately, other leading organizations are not as accepting of realizing that each person has a unique journey to discover.

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How to Use Different Types of Training

80/20 Rule of Implementing New Training. Don't be dogmatic, keep variability! Take the best pieces from the areas you've learned (yoga, bodyweight, barbell, gymnastics, running, biking, recovery techniques, ect.) and then continue on your journey.

There is not enough time or willpower to do always do everything that you have learned for your mind, body, and would spend 25 hours everyday just trying to do them all. Go with bite sized chunks over time of what benefits you most right now. However, you can keep a vault of the things you DO know (google drive file, books, videos, manuals) so if the situation arises that you want to explore or need help in a new area, you have the resources to thrive.


If you are doing this, let me congratulate you on taking action! Whether you realize it or not, you are ready to invest more for into yourself, and this can be that first step towards that leap into greatness. It is a lifelong journey to achieve wellness, those '21-day fix' or juice cleanses aren't going to cut it. The commitment to improving yourself takes time, but none if it is wasted or useless if you believe in the process that YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Orca Empire is a small gym that isn't a fit for everyone, and we understand that. We spend each day guiding our students to feel empowered to take action to keep doing the things you love in life. "Getting Old" does not need to be the reason you stop doing ____; rip it out of your personal vocabulary and burn that phrase. Instead, remind yourself that with each day, month, or year, all you want is to absorb as many good moments and opportunities life has to offer. And the best way to continue enjoying as many opportunities as possible is to continuously pursue rejuvenation, and avoid degeneration...that is the secret to fulfillment.

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Wishing You Great Health and Strength,

Coach Sean