By Baskaran Sekaran

Aaron Lassister is this months winner of the member’s award. After a successful 8 week transformation, he now has his sights set on larger goals. Aaron is willing to challenge himself to consistently get better, even if he has to inch his way there! It is never easy to evaluate yourself, especially if you have a background in fitness already. Aaron is a boxing coach and is going to school online and nights to learn about health and fitness. He ALWAYS takes time after his workouts to ask questions to see what he can do to get better.

Aaron also is a great motivator and goes out of his way to inspire those around him. This is a trait that cannot be understated, nor under appreciated. It is an achievement to be able to understand yourself enough to get better every day but it is a great thing to be able to impart that to others.

If you get a chance head over to A&T Barber Shop to give Aaron a high five!