Mini Band Your Body to Perfection

By Sean Escaravage

Hey there,

If you're like most, there's always room for a nicer, stronger set of cheeks (men or women, don't even act like you don't). And building strong, sexy shoulders so you don't look like a shriveled stick figure. You might be guessing, what's the big ticket to bombastic buns and sculpted shoulders? That's right it's:

Squats and Presses...right?

There's more to the whole picture

You see, they hold a great importance for improving strength, size, and power, but to fully function properly, there is more to this picture. There are 2 categories those muscles fit into;

Mobilizers - Primarily larger muscles, responsible for force production & power through our range of motion

Stabilizers- Muscles responsible for keeping joint integrity while moving through those ranges of motion

It is often ignored to focus on our stabilizers (shoulders and hip primarily) because it is quite specific on how to target them. With traditional squats, presses and lunges, you can miss out on a huge component of not only strength and power, but also the support of the pelvis and shoulder girdle much more effectively. This can mean a reduction in back pain, improved overhead ability, enhanced posture, and eliminating 'gluteal amnesia'

In my previous writing focused on butt stuff, I dove into more about the role of the glutes. To spare repeating myself, give it a quick glance to help realize how these can be the most important muscles of your body to train and maintain. Click here to read, #buttstuff; What's the Deal With Your Gluteal Muscles

If you don't have access to a gym where coaches are able to help you through movements that engage them correctly, today you are in luck! I've comprised an assortment of exercises you can do with simply a few feet of floor space and one piece of equipment; a mini band.


Mini Resistance Bands are my bread and butter. It is in my bag at all times, and my #1 go-to when I am limited on space, time, resources, or traveling. See what else made my list if you Click Here for my 'traveling gym-in-a-bag'!

When you loop one of these around your wrists, ankles, thigh, or feet, it creates inward rotation. Our bodies job is to find alignment, and to be in the optimal position, but this band works quite hard to try and draw ourselves out of that perfect positioning we wish to achieve. The plus side of that is our ability to resist internal rotation improves by generating external force production through our body's powerhouses; glutes, deep hip rotators, and scapular muscles. Plus, they can be a valuable add in for bodyweight movements to improve technique, spark 'boring' exercises, or improve trunk control/strength.

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In my warm-ups, for myself or while teaching, they make an appearance more times than not. I think all of the students of Orca Empire can vouch that one :) . Aside from all the super benefits listed above, their versatility doesn't end there. Prior to any big lift, sprint/agility workouts, or press oriented day, all the way to low intensity recovery, limited time efficiency, joint specific awareness, and on-the-go sessions, they can be a vital component of a truly complete training program. I make sure my private clients even keep one in their trunk for traveling to keep their bodies strong and mobile without having their only option being a running sweat-fest pounding the pavement. Especially for the inexpensive price, you are certainly getting the absolute most bang for your buck here. With the versatility to keep it in your pocket, glove-box, purse, desk drawer or fanny pack (I'm confident they will make a return). Basically what I am trying to say is that this tiny itty-bitty band is something you need to get your hands on if you haven't already. Or, better yet, come in where one of our coaches can take you through an in-depth personalized assessment to put these to the best use for you!

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Coach Sean