By Baskaran Sekaran

Dear Warriors!

I am fired up today. I was at Jumping Jakes recently with my son. He loves it there. He likes to interact with all the kids. Probably because he is an only child. The funny thing is he only likes the older kids.

It warms my heart to see him get so excited and try to play with them. Most of them ignore him but he doesn’t care. He runs into the mix without a fear or care in the world.

WARNING: About to get deep

I had never seen him in a situation where people were to mean to him until this experience.


Like I said, he was trying to play with the older kids so he would grab the ball they were playing with and run with it laughing. They would get mad and jump on him and yank the ball away and push him.

After a while anytime he stood up they would throw him down. He would just laugh and…


There was one girl, about 5 years old. She was evil! She was pulling his hair, hitting him, and throwing him around.

I almost went in there but then I saw it…

I saw my son, Hollin. He knew something that I didn’t.

Every time she pushed him or pulled his hair he would just look at her in her eye and smile. It wasn’t even a “haha” smile, it was an empathetic gesture. He kept going back.

Lacking the communication skills to express his feelings he talked with his body language. He liked her!

Her mom finally caught wind and came rushing over apologetic but I just said ” no worries, I learned a lot just now.” She looked at me like I was a crazy man.

This was a week ago but I wanted to let it simmer. I had to discover that esoteric knowledge Hollin had so I could share it with you guys.

Then it came to me while working with my Get Serious students.

****He knew what he wanted****

Hollin was confident and he knew exactly what he wanted and there was nothing anyone could do to upset him. He took some hard shots to the face and he just kept coming.


He was rejected all day and still he smiled. Still he pushed forward.

This is the secret sauce guys:

Be Certain

Know who you are, what you want, and do whatever it takes to get there…

All the bumps along the way is just the universe challenging you to see if you are serious.

There were kids there that cried and ran out of the play houses. There were kids there scared to grab the ball, scared to use the slide and they suffered the slings of sorrow.

I watched them in awe of how their day was spoiled over and over because they let someone else affect their desires.

I am proud of my son for how he didn’t let anything stop him.

He taught me something at age 2. Now I am teaching you….