By Baskaran Sekaran

When I was younger I would often stare into space. I had no goals, no drive, just empty thoughts. Looking at people I know who have jobs they aren’t too crazy about I see them doing the same thing. They work hard, sure but there is emptiness, boredom. We will trounce the day’s humdrumedness by opening the doors of perception. Today’s tale is of the path one takes on the road to triumph. The more I read and the more I attend seminars and listen to experts talk, the more I see that you don’t need me to get on here and tell you the 3 best ways to workout. You don’t need me to talk about how much protein per pound of body weight you need, Nutrition isn’t that complicated. It’s called the warrior 20! Read Warrior Cardio and you are all set. What is complicated is getting yourself into the right mental state to commit to change. What is interesting is that when you read or listen to any of the top experts in any field their first step to becoming successful is the same as everyone else’s: You have to get your head right. Our mantras at TFW don’t revolve around the 4 best ways to speed up your metabolism, we try to inspire your mind first and then we do the fitness part. In every person’s life there comes a time when you fall into a “rut.” I have come to call these eras: NO MAN’S LAND. This term is traditionally used to describe the land between two armies that has not yet been claimed. When one falls into a rut, you have basically dug two trenches. In one trench there is your home life (kids, spouse, chores, work) In the other trench there is hope/desires, education, and self-confidence. Unfortunately, these armies come to a standstill. Your brain stops creating new goals, it stops receiving new inspiration. You are left with a vast surplus of unused ambition and potential. Unused potential becomes an oddity filled with TV, partying, chores, etc. That oddity is what will lose you no man’s land. It is mental real-estate that is not yet claimed! Television, going out too much, and chores are a subpar opponent that win battles by default. They aren’t sustainable armies. The allied armies of education, desires, and diligence need to step in and claim back no man’s land!


I am going to lead with education and I know the first thing some of you are thinking: “I went to college” who is this guy to question my intelligence? I assure you, that is not my intent. I am however, questioning your continuing education. Not on what you majored in 20 years ago, on what you are passionate about now? What have you read or listened to that is making you better now? I can tell you that deconstructing Macbeth isn’t making me better anymore. Our formal education is a critical base to stand on but it isn’t the most important layer of who we are. The most important layer of education is who we continue to strive to be. Step 1: GO BACK TO SCHOOL. It is as expensive as buying an audio book or subscribing to a journal. It is as time consuming as reading 30 minutes a day. Leonidas defeated thousands of Persians with only 300 men because the Spartans were more advanced. They thought about how to be the best fighters, they were constantly moving towards that goal. They were constantly educating themselves in warfare. The Persians adapted the fighting style that had been used for hundreds of years. Which army are you? The educated one or the one that continues to educate?

Desires. You cannot have goals with desires. You cannot have promises without goals. One of the stories that scares the living daylights out of me is called Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. I talk about it a lot. In the story, there is a man with a boring, dead end job. He wakes up one day as an insect. Instead of attending to his problem he goes back to sleep. In a nutshell, he continues to hide from life and his problems and isolates his family. He actually grew to be comfortable with his new insect body. At the end of the story the man (or insect) finally grew to be inspired by music but it was too late. He was forced back into his room by his family who hated him by this point. The room, which became his prison is where he died. I don’t want you all to become slaves to the “rut.” The man in Kafka’s story let his life become his prison. Instead of setting new goals and getting excited he let his current state take over and become his downfall. Always set new goals. If you have never set goals before it can be intimidating that is why I called this section desires. Let us start with writing down very simply, what you want. That’s it! After you figure out what you want then you can create a road map to get there.


The last piece to our army is diligence. I don’t mean at work. You have to work hard on you. We get caught up on working hard at work and on our families and we forget to work on ourselves. If you have written down your desires and started educating yourself on what you want then you are knocking on the door to victory. The last thing is the attack. Remember, knowledge without action gets you nothing. However, we don’t want to attack and fail… Oh no! Uhhhhhhh, yes! We do. You are going to fail. War is not won by one battle. You will fight many battles. Some will be victories and some will be losses. Great leaders learn from their losses and attack again and again until the war is won. Loss is only another opportunity at a greater victory.

F. Scott Fitzgerald said “I hope that you live a life you are proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.” Look fondly on the past but don’t let it consume you. Look adamantly towards the future but don’t let it scare you. Work hard for what you want and don’t let ANYTHING stop you.