Start Doing Warm Up Exercises That Don't Suck

By Sean Escaravage

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The most important part of the workout is the one most often skipped! And I've been victim of this un-favored trend. But that all is about to change!


Prepare for Power

When you start your car in the winter, any auto mechanic will recommend letting your car warm up before slamming the gas and driving off. His job is to know what is the best way to let the engine of the car function, without putting it in potential danger. But unfortunately, that mechanics advise doesn't resonate when we have to try and utilize the most important machine of all; our bodies! That is where I step in. My job is to bring the best methods to keep your internal engine at its strongest, above most other things. So let's start at the very beginning of our training session:

Warm Ups are Boring, Pointless, a Waste of Time, and Not Fun

I can attest to all of those. You can only take so many arm circles and high knee kicks before wanting to throw in the towel and get started already. When I played baseball, those group-circle-warm ups were painful to be a part of, I felt like I didn't gain anything from it, and ultimately lost interest in doing them.

In the fitness and training mindset, the same thing can happen to coaches. "Sticking to the basics" is never a bad idea, and should be emphasized more often than not; but to get the brain and body connection to REALLY get you prepared, it is time for an upgrade.

A warm up is designed to prepare you for the tasks at hand, improve joint range of motion and health, ready the soft tissues that support muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Add that into some cognitive stimulating, focus demanding movements to work a sweat on your brow and you've got a recipe for not only improved performance during that session, but have LEARNED how your body is moving to bring that mindfulness into your everyday life!

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The coaching at Orca Empire is on the forefront to shift your focus of thinking just "exercising" and start "training'. What is the purpose? What do you want from your training? What will make you feel empowered? What will you able to do with your newfound ability and strength? The answer to those "what's" will determine your "why". And that why is the driving force behind optimizing your body for longevity to do the things you love most.

Ditch the treadmill, forget the crappy same old warm ups, and come in to experience what it feels like to gain natural movement in your body with confidence...

If I haven't convinced you yet, here are 14 Ways we Spice Up Our Warm Ups to get our internal engine primed and ready to go

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Wishing You Great Health and Strength,

Coach Sean

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