The 2 Fruits You Need to be Eating

By Sean Escaravage

Açai - Blueberry - Bilberry - Blackberry - Strawberry - Cranberry - Goji Berry

I'm sure you've had at least some of these before, but now it's time to learn why they should be a staple in your nutrition!

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Naturally high in antioxidants and fighting natural oxidative aging, dark berries are praised for their ability to boost quality of living. Research has shown that consuming 3< servings of dark berries each week had a decreased occurrence of heart attacks compared to those who consumed less.

The reason dark berries get so much praise is from their kickass superpowers to make you invincible to anything*.

*(These facts have not been officially reported, but I promise it is worth your time to eat them)

This is mostly due to a powerful antioxidant, anthocyanin, which is powerful in improving blood vessel function while lowering blood pressure. Strawberries and Blueberries are the top 2 consumed berries in the U.S., so I'll stick to covering those 2 for today.



Although they are grown in nearly every state, California is the largest contributor to production - totaling 2.3 billion pounds in the 2014 harvest! Although not the best dark berry choice, strawberries are packed with 85mg Vitamin C per 1 cup serving, plus fair amounts of fiber, potassium and folate. If you don't have a measuring cup and are stuck guessing what a 'cup' looks like;

Precision Nutrition has a great system for determining adequate portion sizes for you by using a cupped hand as quite a fair comparison to one cup!

Folate is extremely important for cell function and growth, and for iron mineral retention. For all of you potential mothers out there, since women naturally tend to be more deficient in iron, by adding folate to your diet can help protect against potential birth complications of the baby's spine and brain. Unfortunately, strawberries make the dirty dozen list of commonly pesticide ridden produce, so be sure to purchase organic when you can!



Not only are they popular, but they also rank highest among the most beneficial antioxidant source among fruits, vegetables and spices. Being termed as the new' nootropic', or mental enhancing smart drug, it provides a boost in mental performance, cognitive recall, motivations, clarity, creativity, and mood (so basically a super brain blast of goodness). Plus, it increases neural tissue growth, specifically BDNF. (quick nerd science)

BDNF, or Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor when bound to the cognitive receptor protein promotes neuron survival in the adult brain. By exercising this tissue, a reduction in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's is shown, as well as regulating a proper stress response and the biology mood disorders. (source)

They are both extremely important to reduce the onset of memory decline and heart attack risk, so if you haven't sprung away from this article to read them, what are you waiting for?! I've touched upon some of the key points that separate these two from the rest of the pack, but I'm sure this has convinced you enough that they are an important to include whichever way you can. It is one thing for you to read about them, but much more rewarding to implement and notice the changes into how your everyday quality life can improve. At Orca Empire, we promote a whole food approach to nutrition, and these guys are among staples in recommendations given. If you want to learn more about how to maximize your nutrition, click here to unlock the leading habit building food plan in the country

Wishing You Great Health and Strength,

Coach Sean