By Baskaran Sekaran

The 3 “Knows”

I have recently began to exclude the word “no” out of my vocabulary. Not that some situations don’t call for it; but I believe we are quick to jump on an opportunity to be closed minded. I have, however embraced the word “know” and all the doors it opens for me. There are 3 “knows” in particular that I believe can form the cornerstone to your physical and mental fitness.

Know when to push…

Know when to pull…

Know when to sleep…

In a world where we are ruled by our habits, it doesn’t amaze me that people tend to latch onto things that inspire something within them. Inspiration is one of the most beautiful events that can happen to you but you have to know what to do with it. You must understand how to take action, and that brings us to our first “know:”

Know when to push. When you are inspired by something wether it be a song, a person, or a book you need to run with it. Have you ever had a great idea for a song of your own? An invention or innovation? Maybe you were inspired to do something nice for a loved one but decided “ah maybe later on.” This is when we need to PUSH. Attack that idea by writing notes on the spot. Stop and get flowers for your spouse, don’t let it slip away. In a workout, you wouldn’t end our warm-up and then decide to do the hurricane later. We push! Make sure to condition your mind to work the same way for all your inspiration, not just in the gym.
Know when to pull. Keeping with our workout comparison: we also don’t push past our limits in the gym. Always follow the training principle of progressive overload. This means that you must overload your body to see a training effect but it must be done over a period of time. In other words; you wouldn’t put on your pants and then put on your underwear, would you? Think of the gym with the same mind frame. Don’t have a good deadlift day and throw on the 45’s and try to clean it without practice just because you are jazzed up from the deadlifts. Get a solid base of strength and then progressively incorporate advanced exercises.
Know when to sleep! This refers to rest. We all know that about 8 hours is optimal. This varies from person to person but sleep is our time to recover so don’t skip it! Make sure your sleep is good quality sleep.
Turn off the TV
Make sure your room is as dark as you can make it. Use a sleep mask if needed.
Make sure you are well hydrated before bed. The two hours before bed should be used to hydrate
Check your mattress to make sure it supports your back.
Supplements might be beneficial to some people but make sure they are high quality. Melatonin regulates your sleep cycles as well as a Magnesium/Calcium drink like Natural Calm.
Know when to sleep also refers to not overtraining. Rest is a key component to seeing the gains you work hard for. It is hard to actually overtrain and if you train in the TFW system then you certainly won’t but it isn’t outside the realm of possibility for people to leave the gym and then go home and do another workout and then repeat that process every single day. Trust me, you will see more by doing less if you are one of those people. This brings us to another important principle of training called training economy. Optimize your time in the gym and you won’t need to put in so much!

Knowledge is power warriors, but only if you implement it. Knowledge is nothing without action, a fact my mentor Martin Rooney reminds us of often. We can all change the way people view fitness and how they treat their health but we have to do it together by implementing the knowledge we learn into our day to day lives. Lets get after it!!!