By Kalyanasundaram Divya

The word “stagnant” disturbs me.

==> A stagnant body of water is usually filled with mosquitos, scum, and a foul stench.

==> A sedentary person usually winds up overweight.

==> A car that sits too long ends up in the shop.

==> A city that sits still will be taken back by nature.

These are the obvious examples but what about the subtle ones? There is a peculiar pattern that happens every single year. The kids have summers off from school and gym attendance goes way down. People completely revert back to putting themselves last and it can cause a drift that lasts months even after the kids are back in school. It is a huge setback to the “new you” that you promised yourself you would achieve.

There are endless excuses.

  • vacation

  • can’t leave kids

  • errands

  • camps

The reality isn’t that you “can’t” achieve your goals; it is that you decided not to. There is a story you have developed in your head surrounding this time of year. As a parent, we want to give everything to our children but let me ask you a question. What is better for your children: you giving them every single minute of your life and thus sacrificing your body and peace of mind or your children seeing a fit, happy, and fulfilled person to model themselves after?

We all start out with the intention of giving our kids the best shot we can but somehow fall into the trap that just giving them our time is the answer. There is nothing more valuable than quality time with your kids, not quantity. The second most valuable thign you can do is lead by example.

=====> It is the things we DO that will influence our children, not the things we SAY <====

The subtle assassin in this plan is stagnant thinking. We think of being stagnant as just a physical manifestation but the inability to mentally keep moving forward is far more dangerous. It is easier to give our time away and hide under the guise of “I’m so busy” than it is to keep pushing for personal growth.

I struggle with it at times myself. I reach a point in my fitness, business, and family where I have busted through a plateau and then I cruise for a bit instead of resetting and attacking.

I believe it is just conditioning. We have created a habit loop that keeps us in a comfortable spot.

Boredom, media outlets, and other things are just distractions that feed the habit loop we have created. Break the cycle and you are that much closer to RECOMMITTING to the things you want the most.

I like drama so I a big fan of doing something grandiose. Instead of drifting this fall when the kids go back to school, plan something huge! Aim at something you would not have allowed yourself to do in the past and then commit to it. Pay for it, tell people, make it so you cannot turn back.

Have you ever heard the saying “show me, don’t tell me?”

Who is going to get results faster: the person who talks about their plans and shows you how they are going to do it, or the person who keeps taking action towards their vision?

That’s right, the latter, not the former.

Make the switch. Every time you want something, say this in your head:

“Show me, don’t tell me!”

Then take immediate action. There is a power in taking action. When you talk about a goal or something you want and then don’t do it or accomplish it, you feel bad. The failure stings extra because you didn’t even try. When you take action towards something you really want and you fail at first, it feels exciting because you are out there doing it.

I like to climb mountains because it is never easy. No matter how many times you do it, it is always hard. Climbing reminds me about my day to day life. I never want to feel comfortable. What is the fun in that?

Without growth we are stagnant and like I said, that word disturbs me.

Now get out there and seize the rest of this year.