By Baskaran Sekaran

I just watched the new Training For Warriors video for probably the 20th time. I get filled with the same inspiration that I felt when I first met Martin Rooney 3 years ago. I wanted to extend a personal commentary about the TFW lifestyle to you so you can see it through my eyes. Martin asked me 3 years ago what I wanted. Simple… you’d think! I spent the next year figuring out what I wanted. It took me at least that long to figure out my core values (which I am now in the process of evolving). Although I am still evolving as a coach (and I always will be), and a mentor; it wasn’t until recently that I figured it out completely: I WANT TO INSPIRE PEOPLE. That is my mountain. You have all heard me say: ” climb the mountain” when you are pushing the sled or driving your knees up during a hurricane and you all have filled out a goals sheet entitled “Your Mountain.” I like to use this mantra because I believe that climbing a mountain is one of the purest and challenging things you can do. It is also one of the hardest and most rewarding things you can do.

Too often we get caught in a rut. Too often we let our minds meander the path of the uninspired. When I travel to the Adirondacks to go for a hike it takes hours. My legs and low back cramp in the car, I almost fall asleep on the highway. It is a miserable trip mainly because I hate the car. BUT, in the wake of all that grind and misery of the car ride there is a silver lining: the moment I reach the base… The roads narrow, the trees turn to pine, and the forest gets thick. The land is tattooed with lakes and rivers and giant rock faces. When I see that, I am rejuvenated. The day’s mission is crystalized, the goal hits me like a wave of inspiration. Climb the mountain! The funny thing is, it isn’t just a climb. After each trip I leave with a sense of clarity and vitality.

I know that some of you don’t want to workout every day, hell; I don’t either. Some days we are tired. I know that when you are pushing a heavy sled or sprinting in the 8th round of a tough hurricane you want to quit sometimes, just like halfway to the mountains I want to turn back but if I did I wouldn’t see the majestic change from highway to paradise. I would miss the esoteric serenity of the peak, I would miss the rewarding work I put in to get to the top! Pushing ourselves in our workouts is the same principle. That is why I always say: “CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN.” These workouts also have a silver lining. It is something different for all of you. It may be fat loss, improved energy levels, or improved sports performance. Whatever you are seeking, the only way to get there is to become more.

Training for Warriors is more than just a workout, it is about evolving your mind. Transcend the masses and find tranquility in our everyday lives by aspiring to be better. Strive to inspire others. One of the members told me today that she is getting her co-workers to eat better. That is AWESOME! If we all inspire the people around us then we can turn the tides and win the war! Don’t just join the resistance… SPREAD IT. Henry David Thoreau said : “If I seem to boast more than is becoming, my excuse is that I brag for humanity rather than myself.” Can we all say the same? I know I can for my students and the TFW network. We all love sports and part of the reason is because there is a camaraderie. Team work is how you win a championship. Fighters always thank their team after a big fight. I believe that life is no different. We are a team. That is the beauty of Facebook, it gives us a quick outlet to share things with our team. I hope this is a reminder to evaluate your “WHY.” Why do you do what you do? What is your path?

Go back and reevaluate your core values. My challenge to you is to inspire someone in your life who needs it.