By Muhilan Kandhasamy

Our ego can be the our coveted ally, or our greatest enemy. We often hide our unbecoming acts through an array of emotions…

Fear, Doubt, Embarrassment, Guilt, Angst, Frustration, Nervousness;

These become a seemingly inherent choice determined that we may have no conscious awareness of at times, leading us down a path of potential self-sabatoge. It can be as simple as I can’t, I don’t, I couldn’t, rather than I will, I would, I can; such simple expressions we use that limit our perception of our natural ability without ever truly giving ourselves a chance to flourish. We become more fearful than courageous, and do you want to know why? Comfort

The modern day population has a natural inclination to be comfortable. I mean honestly, look at our ‘taken for granted’ amenities of the 21st Century… It’s now come to a point where we’ve created heated toilet seats because we couldn’t withstand a quick bathroom visit with some chilly cheeks. When it comes to ourselves, the comfort of steadiness and normalcy become routine, and sometimes effortless to carry out tasks, leading us to function as if spinning on a wheel. We need to face adversity to challenge performance, test our character, and say goodbye to staying in our comfort zones. In order to break the mold of complacency, I challenge you to face challenge.


There is a quote from John Kabat-Zin that says;


As simple as it may seem, it’s entirely true. It is nearly impossible to ‘stop the waves’, or remove challenge from our lives. Each day we can be faced with decisions. Decisions that can have an impact on our emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical well-being. Every human embodies the ability to show their uniqueness and beauty into the world; every human being has the capacity for greatness.

In order to explore within ourselves for this untapped greatness that exists, it’s necessary to evoke challenge. Now, each person will experience and resolve them differently, but more often than not we encounter very similar obstacles, despite our different walks of life. It is how we act and react to overcoming those challenges where the development of personal experiences and individuality emerge. Think of it like this; in If you lived out your life without ever experiencing challenge, where would you end up? In education, you are challenged with assignments, projects, testing and various foreign subjects. Spiritually, you can be challenged with identity loss, lacking self-image, or an overpowering ego. And also physically, through bouts of progressive resistance, mental toughness, self-confidence, and others to boot.

By facing these challenges, we open up doors to new opportunity. Through both misstep and triumph, new traits are acquired to upgrade our human software for the long haul, which in turn becomes much more valuable than the challenge faced itself.


When put in the position and given an ultimatum, either this or that, how confident you feel in the core of your being has the upmost influence on the outcome. We can talk up a situation and appear calm, cool, and collected; but the glimmers of doubt in our subconscious see-saw between the insight of victory and fear of failure. Having the true belief in yourself is the greatest factor to overcome and develop when faced with hardship.


The ‘fight or flight’ response stems from our limbic system, which has control of our motivations, emotions, learning and memory. Until you are legitimately faced with a situation, you do not know how to react to it. We can vaugely imagine ourselves deep in the wilderness walking face to face with a 1,200 pound Kodiak Bear. But it is not until we wind up in the situation where our fears become alive, and a decision has to be made. Fear is not a reason to quit, rather a mere excuse to turn away from doubt and insecurities. We all hold something we are afraid of close to heart, and by rising to challenge you should attempt to limit your fears to maximize potential experiences.


This is black and white; either you meet the demands of challenge, or you succumb to them. Victories are initiated mentally, so that means that challenges are won and lost between the ears. Personally, this has been my largest obstacle to overcome in respect to physical training and academic/professional development. It is simple to find all of the reasons as to why you can’t complete a task or won’t be able to do something, rather than deciphering a plan to execute success. I feel this is the most relatable into physical tasks. Our mind will want to give out much, much quicker than our body. Our mind becomes blurry with rapid thoughts of “I should just stop”, “Why am I doing this?”, “I’m so damn tired”, “What am I trying to prove?”. We lose our focus to the feelings of exertion and discomfort that we rob ourselves of full output potential. I encourage you to look up ‘The 40% Rule’ about Navy Seal David Goggins and his quest of mental solidity. When your brain tells you it’s time to quit…you are really only 40% done. The mind inherently give out at 40%, while our body still has 60% more that it can go. The concept is something many don’t fully understand, mostly because they haven’t experienced it. Only recently have I begun to reap the benefits of combating the mental urge to stop, and have felt the powerful effects of blowing through that roadblock. As humans we are capable of such great things, and it is your own personal destiny to explore what makes you unique, and to journey through all avenues of self-actualization to blossom into the most magnificent version of yourself.

Now, I challenge you to elevate your physical well-being. The embodiment of fitness really has a tremendous impact on many other factors besides appearance change and losing some fat along the way. I could list all of what could happen from reaping the benefits of exercise engagement…but why not explore it yourself? So take that leap of faith, wipe the sweat from your brow, and be ready for a habit you’ll never want to break! If you’re committed and inspired to get on up and strike while the iron is hot, follow my video below for 44 Ways to Challenge Your Fitness.
Wishing You Great Health and Strength,

Coach Sean

Challenge Your Fitness in 44 Ways

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