By Baskaran Sekaran

I am immune to fluff…

I don’t care for fads or small thinking. I want to help people who are serious about change. That is why I have created this series of FREE content.

This guide will serve you in your efforts to become the person you want to be. Like it or not we all want to look and feel great. Think about it, how much more confidence do we have when we look and feel great?

I have gone through the whole spectrum of it. I have looked good without feeling good because I did smash sessions. I have done crazy diets. I test things. I came up with a few simple steps to have it all, so-to-speak.

I want this guide to serve you in fulfilling both your desire to have the body you want but also have the self-confidnece and energy you want. Let this be your catalyst.


Step 1: Move.

Bootcamp lost its allure… they are dying fast. Crossfit is proven to be dangerous and unreliable. Zumba is fun but little more. What are we to do? There are so many fads out there I bet you don’t even know what to do?

Exercise is a step that is inevitable if you want to acquiesce to a better version of you but it has to be done efficiently to get results.

I know most of you who read this are either working out at home, not at all, or at a gym and not getting results. I have outlined below a simple routine to do ANYWHERE, even at work.

TIP: Regress the things you can’t do. I showed regressions in the video. I have seen too many people NEVER do a pushup because they refused to perform the proper regression to get there. No more ego. Start where you have to start and enjoy the journey of progression.

Below there are 5 exercises that will work your entire body. They are simple, yet the crux of any good fitness program. In the video I will show an easy, medium, and hard version of all 5 and 2 ways to go through the routine.

Pushup: a FULL BODY exercise that will arguably be the most efficient way to get fit.
Squat: the body weight squat or “air squat” is a complex movement that works the largest muscles in the body.
Knee grab sit-up: The knee grab is different than the regular sit-up in the sense that you must actively move your entire body instead of keeping your knees bent the entire time.
Sit-out: The sit-out is a martial arts- based exercise that has been adapted by Martin Rooney and TFW to the day to day exerciser. HUGE game changer.
Mountain Climber. The knee tuck is a regression for the burpee but is still a blast to the legs and cardiovascular system.

Set up a timer and perform 3 rounds:

Round 1: 30 seconds on each exercise with 20 second break in between

Round 2: 40 seconds on each exercise with 20 second break

Round 3: 1 minute on each (if advanced) back to 30 seconds (if tired) with 20 seconds break.

Watch this video to see how the exercises are performed:


Step 2: Eat fat. Particularly eggs.

I spent a lot of time researching nutrition in the past and I am a huge fan of a high fat diet. Yes, you have to eat the right fats. No, it doesn’t work for everyone but in my experience more people than not benefit from a higher fat diet.

For a more comprehensive look at nutrition download our FREE manual:

TFW Success Manual

Fat does so much in the body. From cellular integrity to removing cholesterol in the body. Fat is also a more efficient fuel to burn when you are recovering. Think about it, do you spend more time working out or recovering? If the answer was working out then you need a whole new article.

We spend more time recovering because we are at work, sleeping, or playing with the kids. Fat is a slow burning fuel which you burn all day. Below are some healthy fats you should be eating every week.


Coconut oil


Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans

Olives/Olive oil


Animal fat (at times)

Fish oil

Check out this past article I wrote on eggs:

Why You Should Eat Eggs

Step 3: Support

This cannot be understated. I know from my own life, and I am a top conditioning coach, that I need training partners to push me. The fact is, there are some days where I am tired, sore, or stiff and I just don’t want to move.

Having 2-3 people you can rely on to be there and hold you accountable is paramount to a lasting relationship with health. A good place to find a training partner is at home. Chances are, your spouse is looking to get in shape and couples that sweat together… STAY TOGETHER! Have fun with it.

Support from your training partners is important but supporting and celebrating yourself is where it starts. Read these short blog posts to discover the real you!!!



Dream, Then Dream Again

4. Intermittent Movement.

That’s right… the human body was not meant to sit down all day. We were meant to move. Your 40-60 minutes at the gym is great but how about adding in movement every hour at work or at home?

I am not talking workouts. I am talking very quick bursts of stretching and/or activity.


It might be 3-5 burpees. It might be a couple of chin-ups or 10 situps. These are reset buttons and it gets the blood pumping.

I DO NOT want to hear: “i don’t have time.” OR “People will look at me funny.” If you are at work, and I don’t care what job you have; you have time to pump out 5 burpees, pushups, a few stretches and etc.


Foam roll your back (2 minutes)
5 burpees
5 push-ups
10 Squats

5. Drink Water!

People site research nowadays right and left. Literally, look to your right and find a gym and ask them about “studies.” Look to your left, find a gym and do the same. You will find 2 different opinions on the same subject. The fact is, we are made of primarily liquid. Water is the only thing that can truly keep your fluid replenished. DRINK IT. Not Gatorade, not Soda… WATER.

You will sleep better which means you will recover better, which means you will burn fat better.

We all heard the 8 glasses/ day thing. That is close enough. The cool thing about water is that it is a trick to make yourself feel full.

Here is game to play. Drink a big glass of water when you first wake up. THE FIRST THING. Before coffee, before brushing your teeth, before anything. Watch how it curbs your hunger. That puts you in a position of power to choose a healthy breakfast.

6. Consistency.

Another spiritual concept. That’s right, I think being consistent is spiritual. I have found peace in finding a system. I live my life by a code and when I am consistent with it, I thrive. When I stray from my code I am irritable, unhealthy, and frankly… a jerk.

Be consistent with these small steps and they will add up to big things. I hurt my shoulder a while ago and I have been virtually unable to train in the bench press, overhead press, and many forms of the push-up that I used to do. I have lost no strength because I do these steps. Why do you think I am writing this post? I fell off of the wagon too. Transitioning from a coach to a coach/business owner was hard for me. I had to step back and find a system that works. This is it.

Life is fun. It challenges us. you may find yourself crying over what was lost. Laughing over what was reframed. Angry over what was taken. happy over what was found. The only constant I have found to be true is that tomorrow is filled with opportunity. I can CHOOSE to be any one of the emotions above. When I do the things I said I would do, I get the things I said I wanted. I hope you do too.