By Baskaran Sekaran

There is an ancient legend. A part of antiquity often reflected within, songs and stories. Poems forged with fiery ink and plays portrayed with raw emotion. As adept as we are at analyzing and depicting the great deeds of our legends, we still have no skill at implementing the lessons.

The legend goes like this…

A wise entity once meandered the earth as a man. His mission was to expose true character. On his travels he encountered a giant. The giant was rampant with rage and drunk with strength as he smashed houses and tossed men like they were puppets.
The wise man strolled up to the giant and said:

“excuse me, are you certain about what you’re doing?”

The Giant roared with laughter and said he was the strongest giant to ever live and he will spend his life smashing things.


The wise man said again: “are you certain sir?”

The giant looked curious and stammered: “OF COURSE I’M CERTAIN!!!”

The wise man said again but this time looked the giant straight in the eye: “Are… You… Certain?”

The giant threw his hands up in the air and sulked off ranting a raving to himself.

The wise man wasn’t finished. He wandered into the village next. The villagers were scared and hiding. As he continued to walk he came upon a guardian, a man standing tall in front of his house protecting his family.

This guardian had his nose in the air and his hands behind his back. The wise man walked up closer to him and asked: ” Sir, Are you certain?”

The guardian who was protecting his house smiled at him and replied:

” Sir, do you value your life?”

The wise man surely replied: “yes, I do.”

The guardian said: ” then do not step any closer or you step into your grave.”

The man who guards his house stood so confident with a raging giant about the village because he knew his house was guarded. He had dug a deadfall around the perimeter of his home. He was certain that he gave his family the best possible protection and his steadfast gaze provided the certainty that made the wise entity second guess his question and look within himself for answers.


Most of us think we know who we are or what we want. Most of us even think we are confident…
Until we are forced to answer a few deep questions. Then we fall apart like the giant.

I will have you consider the possibility that we can all be like the guardian. Chivalrous and steadfast in his defense. His defense of the only thing he has control of: his ability to act. To take action in accordance with his beliefs and goals. Certainty.

Normally I give out a list. 3 things to get you started on your goals.

7 steps to improving your fitness.

Since most of us can’t even answer simple questions about ourselves I am going to leave you with 1 ACTION STEP.

That means, yes. You have to actually do it to see the results.

If you want personal power and to create space, or level up as we call it then you must first find out who you really are.

Start by composing a list of your core values. It is much harder than it sounds because inevitably you will start with a list of things you like. My first list had things like:

Good nutrition

I am not saying these things can’t be core values but I am saying that a core value is something you feel at your deepest level. Something that is so irrevocably true about you that it is apparent in your day to day life. A code you live by.


To create core values you must look deep within yourself and it is scary. We live our lives based on what we think about the most. We feed thoughts which dictate the actions we take. In my experience you are in life exactly where you should be. You deserve where you are as a result of the thoughts, actions, and character you have built. The good news is that if you want to, you can change.

You have to be:

REAL – RAW – RELEVANT in order to get RESULTS

When you accomplish this first thing, creating your core values then we can talk about the next step.