Class Descriptions


Train      to Live Better Every Day


Whether you want to achieve a better body, improve your health, decrease injury/soreness, or live life stronger (carry groceries, keep up with kids, explore adventures, etc.) we can help you achieve that. Orca Empire Fitness exists to show you the amazing things you can do right now that will fuel your life with vigor and help you live better everyday.

We use fitness as a platform to make doing what you love easier & more enjoyable. Our coaches are always learning & adding new ways to work out, we don't want it to feel boring! Our comprehensive classes combine Strength Training, Kettlebell, HIIT, Bodyweight, Mobility drills, Barbells, and other Unconventional Fitness Methods that will make you fall in love with you are able to do.

Exercise should build you up, not beat you down week after week. Finishing a workout shouldn't defeat you, it should make you feel invigorated and ready for more tomorrow! Check out our weekly class schedule to see what is coming up next.

Class Schedule

Old School Iron

Built from science and experience, this class will deliver Indisputable, Real-World Strength so you can live better every day. We focus on the 5 most common movement patterns so your body stays strong and bulletproof at all angles. We emphasize superior exercise technique and proper progressions for you. Our number one interest for our students is safety, so we will properly regress or progress any movements based on your current ability levels. The POD experiences smart strength training that can add to their body image, confidence, and ability to feel empowered in and out of the gym atmosphere.

HIIT Threshold

Get Ready for this one! We have added our own flare to the effective High-Intensity Interval Training to maximize lean muscle mass and fat loss. Our HIIT Threshold classes use every inch of our turf track with medicine balls, kettlebells, sled pushing, TRX, battle ropes, sprinting, and more! Using a plateau-proof philosophy, each week varies to prevent boredom & adaptation, yet promote sweat, smiles, and satisfaction. We adjust each week to keep you safe from feeling smashed and have drastically reduced nagging aches and injuries our members had in past HIIT experiences. Don’t forget to bring a towel! 

Functional Foundations

  We use a variety of functional and unconventional fitness tools that are scalable to your fitness level. Inspired by the concept of peak performance, our goal is to make you more durable and mobile while also increasing strength and cardio. We know it could seem foreign or intimidating, but our certified coaches have dedicated hours of education and practice so you can feel safe in our classes. Come experience how Kettlebells, Steel Mace, Medicine Balls, Battle Ropes, Sandbags & beyond can deliver the perfect blend of intriguing and challenging for any fitness level.   

Superhero Essentials

To live a healthy and long life, you shouldn’t smash yourself with just cardio; it will lead to injuries and plateaus. This class was built to help you develop superhuman movement mechanics that will reward you with a better feeling, looking, and functioning body. We noticed our students leap towards their goals by overpowering against external forces in the gym, and we know you will too. Plus, it’s the perfect way to prepare yourself to be more resilient against what the real world will throw at you.

Kick-Ass Conditioning

Beware: Serious Sweat & Endurance Gains ahead. These classes vary immensely on their configuration, but will always deliver engaging workouts to test your physical limits and enhance your strengths. The development of mental toughness from challenging yourself to become better each session against the clock, your peers, and personal bests will lead to drastic improvements in performance you can feel. Once you’ve established the positive momentum, constant class participation will decimate fat, improve cardiac output, and increase lean muscle tissue.

Success Express

Don’t have the energy for a full hour?      Schedule feels crunched?      Needing a little extra this week? 

We’ve got you covered! This 30-minute high-intensity class provides an accelerated burst of high paced training to guarantee a great session, no matter how hectic your day may seem. This will be worth your time, every time because it is packed with the most effective exercises to tone and feel strong. The Success Express is perfect for those looking to get maximal results in minimal time.

Mini Orca Games

The games are like nothing you’ve ever done in the gym. We base these games on our Orca Games Weekend in Upstate New York, the ultimate experience that will change the way you experience fitness and adventure. It is a fun break from the program for a chance to have FUN with fitness by building camaraderie with fellow POD members with some friendly competition on who dripped in the most sweat. Each week brings mystery and an experience to talk about all week (until the next one)!