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Step 1:

tell yourself you are worth it

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schedule a success session with our premier coaching team

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We help you Train hard, recover smart, & move often so you can live better everyday


TRANSFORM YOUR BODY & habits to feel physically free!


Our Story

We are a revolutionary program. How? Because we do not fit people into our program; we fit our program to the people that are in it. We have no ego in that sense. All we desire is to deliver the results you want and we will evolve our system around you. 

Our Programs


Our mission is to arouse fearlessness in our students so they are free to take consistent action towards personal fulfillment.

Why Orca?

Why did we name our gym Orca Empire? Because Orca’s are fierce creatures that are family oriented. I noticed something special with our students and you will see it in these success stories. Our success stories branch off from fitness to mental well being and often times business and family too. If you can hear the message and expand into a healthy lifestyle the rest of your life gets better by default.


The retreat is just that. We take you to a place of beauty and delve into habits to improve your family, fitness, and habits...

Where Breakthroughs happen

ORCA Games

The most coveted of all the adventure activities. Orca Games has developed into the ultimate outdoors adventure in the country. Test your mind and body while having a blast. 

you are ready...

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Success Stories


"Hands down the most personalized and productive training sessions you will find anywhere, period. Orca Empire Fitness literally restored my ability to have an active lifestyle, and I will forever be grateful!!"


"Orca is the best! I actually look forward to going. The workouts are never the same and the coaches give you just the right amount of challenge while helping you work toward whatever your personal goals may be. I can't recommend this place more!  

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