Any diet plan that tells you to eliminate or severely restrict one of the core nutrients (fat, protein, and carbohydrate) is worthless in the long run. Atkins Diet, for instance is a low carb diet. They only allow 20g of carbs per day to be exact. That is about 80 calories; not very much, right? What happens is that you lose a lot of weight because carbs is your body’s primary source of fuel and if you cut that out, whoolah! You have a low-calorie diet. You will lose weight on a low-calorie of any kind; for a while. Most of the people who start the Atkins diet gain all their weight back and then some! Their body becomes starved for carbs and before you know it, they relapse. This is why your daily food intake has to be foods that taste good and have to well balanced so it is healthy and easier for you to acclimate to.

When you eliminate a nutrient, it is likely that you will become deprived of essential vitamins and minerals. My advice to you as far as starting a new health plan is to keep a food diary. Write down every single thing you put into your mouth. Then choose one thing you need to cut out and one thing you need to add in and one thing you can switch out for something else. For example,

Classic American Breakfast: Oatmeal-and-Eggs-STACK-629x417

– coffee with cream and sugar

– toast with jelly and butter

Healthier Breakfast:

– glass of water, coffee with stevia

– 1 cup oatmeal/Quinoa with berries

– 1-2 eggs

We substituted sugar for stevia, added eggs for protein, and took out bread and jelly and added oatmeal with berries. With the new healthy breakfast you avoid all the processed, free radical causing foods and replace them with anti-oxidants, protein, hydration and stevia which won’t spike your blood sugar. Test this system out for a while. It isn’t a diet, and it isn’t a permanent solution but it is a fantastic way to get started.