With the emergence of sensationalist programs like your local “bootcamps,” people have become accustomed to, and even addicted to the sexy exercises like snatching, cleaning, and box jumps. As a strength and conditioning specialist I do believe in the effectiveness of exercises like those but they aren’t needed for the general population and I would argue they do more harm than good to most “weekend warrior” exercisers. I am writing this tip of the week because I have heard over the last month some horror stories about people getting hurt and they actually think that it is cool. They think of it as their red badge of courage.


If you can’t master the simple exercises with proper form and mobility then why on earth would we progress to a complex movement pattern like the snatch? It isn’t necessary or healthy. How many pictures have I posted even have a barbell in them? Maybe 3? Again, that isn’t because barbells suck. I love them and have classes designed around barbells but you have to master the basics first. Manipulate your own body weight, eat healthy, get enough sleep and then you are ready for the sexy stuff. Assess, progress, and ask why you are doing something. ANYBODY can take you into the gym, put together a circuit full of high intensity exercises and make you sweat. Understanding your body, knowing where you are at physically, and learning to progressively incorporate more and more will build a stronger athlete that is built to last.