Orca Games

8/12 - 8/13 

If I had to describe Orca Games in one word, it would be Passion. 

It is the culmination of all the things we believe here at Orca. The games will certainly challenge you physically but they do so much more than that. We put you outside of your comfort zone by designing challenges you would not normally do, not even at a Spartan race. We also build a strong camaraderie because there is always a team aspect to this game. 

Orca Games takes place in the woods which forces you out of your current life and into a life where you don't use a phone or watch media of any kind. You are either in the game or hanging out with other like-minded people having fun. 

Despite the rigorous game, you have plenty of down time to enjoy the almost 600 acres of forest and ponds. There is a pool, basketball, quads and more.