Our program

 Fitness Should be Fun, Empowering, & Exciting for Every Person

 There is no legitimate 'one-size-fits-all' method for exercise and health, so we created a framework that's customizable to your expanding level of fitness, confidence, and ability to overcome obstacles. As your skills grow and body evolves, the program does too; empowering you to experience physical strengths you have not felt before. Our classes are the perfect blend of challenge with control, brief discomfort that empowers you to be stronger, and physical strengths you have not felt before. A class will rarely feel the same, but will always provide an effective and safe experience that will deliver results whether you are just beginning or an advanced athlete.

 Train to Live Better Everyday

 Whether you want to achieve a better body, improve your health, move better, or live life stronger (carry groceries, keep up with kids, explore adventures, etc.) we can help you achieve that. Orca Empire exists to fuel your life, and help you live better everyday.

 We use fitness as a platform to make doing what you love easier, more enjoyable and with a lower chance of injury. Our comprehensive classes combine Kettlebell, Bodyweight, Mobility drills, Barbells, and other unconventional fitness methods that will make you fall in love with you are able to do.

 Exercise should build you up, not beat you down week after week. Finishing a workout shouldn't defeat you, it should make you feel invigorated and ready for more tomorrow!

 What Makes Us Different? 

  •  We teach scalable movements that you know, but challenge your ability to move in your body 
  •  We are not rigid, we adjust the Group Training for each individual person instead of trying to fit you in a cookie-cutter mold (which doesn’t work for most)
  •  Quality of technique each and every repetition is our main emphasis... How much or How heavy is added on once our coaches feel you are ready to level up your fitness
  •  We aim to preserve a pain and injury free environment for everyone, and have successfully done so in our years of learning innovative fitness methods
  •  Our members don’t worry about performing the workouts prescribed versus adjusted to them. What they do focus on is moving well, expanding their potential, and leaping towards their goals while also motivating you along the way.
  •  The POD atmosphere promotes support and friendly competition to reduce Gym-timidation, Big Ego’s, and feeling less than... We are all here working with you, not against you

you are ready