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Every Day You Get to Choose

Every Day You Get to Choose

Day 3691 of Being Closed this week (or so it feels like). We had to make a choice this week. It wasn't one we wanted to make, or even are happy to make. Nonetheless, choosing to do nothing is still a choice, so we had to act and make the best choice with the information we had, resources available, and with the thought of all of you being #1 in our minds. Just the same with how we create your workouts, write training programs, talk nutrition, midsdet, and beyond... We make all of these choices with you in mind. For your health, your wellness, your happiness, your success. The mission of Orca literally is to support and guide you to Living and Feeling Better Every Day. What we will not do is open back up without 100% clear knowledge of who, what, when, where or why this stupid evil little COVID droplet drifted in from. We would like to keep our guidelines/requirements the same as we move through this winter season, as it's TOTALLY not cool to do hard workouts masked up, or to miss out on seeing everyone's smiles, raw emotion, and the focus brought here at Orca. Each Choice below takes only a few minutes. And if today was a day you planned to come to the gym, then you already blocked off 60-90 minutes from your day for your health ... use it!!!!!! Commit to at least 1 Choice from below. If you want to go all the way, enjoy 2-4 of them Choice 1: Guided Hips & T-Spine Mobility (<5 min) Choice 2: Strength Workout (20-40 min) Choice 3: Quick Core Finisher (<5 min) Choice 4: Take 5 Deep Breaths with your eyes closed (<1 min) p.s. the 2 choices that can make the biggest impact on your day are #1 & #4 ... they just aren't as "sexy" as the other ones. It's important to do the sexy stuff, and also important to simply do what will help you Feel and Live Better Everyday, Today!

Thank You for understanding. Thank You for caring. Thank You for your kindness. Thank You for doing what you can, with the resources you can. and of course, Thank You for your commitment to YOUR health! Please reach out to any of your coaches with questions about these workouts or anything else health related over the next few days. Wishing you Great Health & Strength,

Coach Sean, Coach Cat, Coach Deanna

(& Oakley)

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