Success Stories

What is Your Why?

I noticed something special with our students and you will see it in these success stories. They branch off from fitness to mental well-being, boosts in confidence and vigor, and often times business success and stronger relationships too. Once you begin to focus on yourself, the rest of your life improves by diffusion.

Your Story is Next


"I hired Ken as part of our company’s corporate wellness program and he facilitated a 3-part program to a group of employees that wanted to learn more about fitness. He gave a very inspirational presentation on fitness basics, motivation and making fitness a consistent part of your life. In addition, he worked with employees in our on site fitness center to demonstrate fitness programs that anyone can fit into their daily schedule. Ken’s ability to evaluate and provide a customized program for each individual was impressive. He was instrumental in helping a group of employees (at very different fitness levels) jump start a program."

Lisa D.

“I am privileged to have Sean as one of my trainers at Orca Empire. Sean’s hobby is learning how to be a better trainer! Sean provides us with cues to ensure we are hitting our target positions and checks our reps to ensure we are being fluid, focused and safe in every rep. Sean is cognizant of pain points for those with any injuries and will provide an alternative, but equally effective, exercise to perform. I have learned much from Sean and his enthusiasm is contagious.”

Marie T.

“I’ve been working out with Sean & Orca Empire Fitness for several months now. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. I’ve come a long way under Sean’s awesome guidance. It’s really clear to see how dedicated they are to their clients. Sean takes the time to individualize the program for everyone in the class and that is so very helpful. He is a patient and thorough teacher who demonstrates a real passion for his work. After each class, I come away feeling good about learning something new or making a bit of progress – or both! I have Sean to thank for educating me about building strength, flexibility and endurance.”


"Ken has helped me grow, and ultimately, embrace my inner athlete. Now, it is with Ken’s help that I connect with the part of me who is energized by moving, who feels like sweating is meditation, and who finds power in lifting and punching and jumping. Ken‘s passion for health and fitness is contagious—he’s the “gym teacher” that every person should have! He is always so very willing to answer questions or help find a solution that work for you. His positive spirit and living example of a healthy lifestyle pushed me to go beyond what I thought I could do! One trademark of Ken‘s instruction is his preparedness. He is always ready with a plan in hand when I come in. He has sense of fun, creativity, and welcomes you into activities that you may find difficult or awkward. Ken is always on time and focused completely on me when I am working with him. He continually works to find strategies to keep things interesting while challenging me to try new things and transform my body. I am continually impressed with his attention to detail, knowledge and ability to tailor a workout that is specific for me and my growing abilities."


"Ken creates challenging and appropriate workouts for each person, he is positive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Highly recommended!"


"Ken is very passionate about health and fitness. He works with you based on your individuals needs. He is amazing and a pleasure to work with."


"I cannot believe how much I am going to miss working out with Ken. At first, I had doubts. I thought it would be like it is working out anywhere, but trust me, it’s very different. He really motivates you to do your best. I always left there feeling strong, full of energy, and proud of myself. It was hard but fun at the same time. It’s so addicting."


"My fitness goals were like many others, to lose weight and “look” better. Once I lost most of the weight I wanted to, my goals shifted a little bit. I wanted to stay thinner and firm up. I didn’t know where to begin, what to do or where to go. I found Ropestone Fitness and I’m so glad I did! From day one, Ken has been wonderful. He really took the time to understand MY goals and expectations. He always has a plan tailored just for me for each and every workout session. He keeps the sessions fun, exciting, challenging and new. I never seem to do the same things over and over again, which would get old and make me lose interest quickly. I appreciate that he goes beyond just our workouts and gives me suggestions and information regarding nutrition, supplements and tools I can use at home to further my fitness and overall health. During each workout, he makes sure that you are performing each move correctly so that you don’t injure yourself. He has shown me stretches, yoga positions and workouts that I can do at home, in between my workout sessions to help me get and stay stronger and just feel better and I have to admit, he is 100% correct! I feel so much better than I could have ever imagined! I have a new outlook on my life now and my new goal is to get stronger, from the inside out and with Ken’s help and guidance, I know I can do it! I would recommend Ken 100% to anyone who’s looking for a personal trainer. You will NOT be disappointed!"


"I am a life-long devotee of exercise, which includes bike riding; working out at the gym; intensive walking and using a rowing machine. As I am aging I find I need the services of a personal trainer who understands my situation and my desire to be able to continue the exercise I enjoy without injuring myself. I have tried a number of massage techniques and the services of other trainers but working with you in a private working situation has certainly been the best experience for me. I have recommended you to other of my friends who believe in life long exercise and would be glad to have others contact me regarding your excellent work."


"I am very fortunate to have found Ken Stabler. I have been working with him for over 6 months and feel stronger, have more energy and gained confidence. I owe it all to Ken! I look forward to my workouts because he makes them challenging, creative and fun! Ken has an incredible knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition. He provides diverse training and has individualized my exercise regimen to meet my needs and capabilities. He places a high value on correct form with each exercise and encourages me to push past my perceived limits to get the results to raise me to the next level. Ken is professional and his enthusiasm will motivate you to success and a healthier lifestyle. If you are serious about making changes to your life for the better, Ken is the guy! My only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner!!"


"I had been driving by Ropestone Fitness for a year or two. The idea of a personal trainer was a little scary. All the focus would be on me, nobody to hide behind, no slacking! At the same time, it appealed to me. All the focus on me, nobody to hide behind, no slacking! I’ve been busy with a variety of activities my whole life but overuse, improper form, weight, and age have all taken their tolls. My knees were shot. I thought it would be good to stop running for a bit and work on fixing my knees so I FINALLY contacted Ropestone. What impressed me most about Ken when I met with him for my assessment was his attention to and correction of my form, even when it was just a half-inch adjustment. I knew that night that this was the place for me. After every session I am sweaty and tired, but boy does it feel good! We have worked to accomplish MY goals, not someone else’s, and Ken has an arsenal of knowledge and tools to help me- stretching, massage, yoga, strength training (knowing both when to push and when to stop), and nutritional guidance, as well as suggestions for supplement use and gear. I really do look forward to each workout!"