why orca?

Why did we name our gym Orca Empire?

We named ourselves Orcas because of the fierce nature of Orcas but also because the Orca is a family animal. 

They will help each other succeed, and are adaptable to their surroundings. That is how we model our training program to operate; we customize your fitness experience to physically feed on what YOU need to thrive and live better every day. 

Being fierce at Orca Empire means you are focused. Feeling unapologetic for momentary selfishness in the pursuit for whatever it is you truly want. 

 I noticed something special with our students and you will see it in these success stories. Our success stories branch off from fitness to family, mental and emotional well being, even business and relationships too. If you can hear the message and expand your potential into a healthier lifestyle, the rest of your life gets better by default. 

Your story is waiting to be told. 

success stories